Review: Field Restaurant, Prague, 1 Michelin Star

Review-Field Restaurant-Prague-Michelin Star


This Field Prague Restaurant Review is from our recent visit. The restaurant earned 1 Michelin star in 2016, after its first year in business. Unlike some Michelin star restaurants, it's possible to order a la carte instead of having to order a tasting menu, and this was a key factor in deciding to try it. Tasting menus can be long, and I prefer the flexibility of selecting our own dishes.

Field Restaurant Location, Hours and Reservations

Field is located at U Milosrdnych 12 in Prague's Old Town, which was an easy 12 minute stroll from the Four Seasons Prague, where we were staying. Unlike many Michelin Star restaurants, it's open daily for dinner from 6-10:30pm (until 10 pm on Sundays) and also for lunch, from 11am-2:30pm on weekdays and from 12noon to 3pm on weekends.

You can make a reservation online, and advance reservations are definitely recommended, as the restaurant isn't that large. Note that children should be at least 6 years old to dine at Field, and the restaurant won't hold seats longer than 15 minutes.

Field Restaurant Prague-U Milosrdnych 12


The Scene

We went for an early dinner at Field, and while we were given the option to sit in the main dining room, where there were several young local couples and small groups of friends seated, we opted for the smaller second room, with 4 tables, which at the time was completely empty, very plain apart from an interesting projected design on the ceiling. We figured it would be more relaxed for us, and also wouldn't bother anyone if my son read while waiting for our dishes to arrive. Towards the end of our meal, an older American couple was seated in the same room as us. For those wanting more ambience, I'd suggest the main dining room.

Review-Field Restaurant Prague Dining Room

Review-Field Restaurant Prague-Ceiling

Field Bar-Prague Restaurant Review


Field Restaurant Menu and Food

Field offers a 10 course tasting menu for CZK 3200 per person, with optional wine or non-alcoholic pairings:

Field Tasting Menu-Prague-Michelin Star

Field Tasting Menu-Prague Review


I didn't want to stay out so late, so we chose from the a la carte menu:

Field Menu-Prague-Michelin Star

Field Dessert Menu-Prague-Michelin Star


Our server brought two “pop-up” hand towels that expanded in water, a nice touch. I wish all restaurants would provide some version of an Asian style hand towel, to cleanse your hands before the meal.

Review-Field Restaurant-Prague-Cool Towels


My son decided to try some of Field's homemade lemonade, which was very refreshing.



The bread course was delicious. Surprisingly, many 1 Michelin Star restaurants don't make their own bread, or don't serve it warm, but Field does both. The warm homemade potato bread is served with both homey and sophisticated takes on traditional Czech ingredients: smoked butter with fermented cabbage salt; homemade cream cheese; vegetable puree with truffle. All were delicious, and we would happily have eaten another of these loaves of bread with more of these accompaniments. We're glad we restrained ourselves from asking for this, as we'd have filled up and not had room for the delights that followed.

Review-Field Restaurant Prague Michelin-Bread Accompaniments


Even before we got to any of the dishes we ordered, we enjoyed a succession of amuses bouches. First was a crispy potato cake (the Czech version of the Russian draniki),  topped with dill yogurt and caviar, plus a juice made from apple, celery and hazelnut to chase it down with. Pretty and a study in contrasts: crunchy potato cake and creamy yogurt, fresh and herbaceous dill and salty caviar.

Review-Field Restaurant Prague-Amuse Bouche-Potato Cake with Caviar


The second presentation was a crayfish tartlet, made with smoked sour cream and crayfish, also delicious.

Review-Field Restaurant-Prague-Michelin-Amuse Bouche-Crayfish Tartlet


The final amuse bouche was a jewel-like presentation, a smooth red wine and cherry gelee enrobing duck rillette with pickled mustard.

Review-Field Restaurant Prague-Amuse Bouche-Duck Rillette with Red Wine Gelee


The regular a la carte menu divides its offerings into Cold, Warm, Main and Desserts, and we sampled from each of them. Our first dish, from the Cold selections, was described as Homemade cheese, beet, pea pod, whey. That really doesn't do justice (in fact, none of the descriptions do) to what we received, which looked like an exotic miniature garden sprouting on the plate. Beets encased the creamy homemade cheese, with mini salad providing textural contrast and crunch, all of it set against a velvety beet puree, and punctuated with marinated black walnuts and crowned with whey granita.

Review-Field-Prague-Michelin-Homemade Cheese-Beet Puree-Peas


We'd asked our server to recommend a dish containing some seafood, and she suggested the Trout and Rabbit dish from the Warm choices. This wasn't a large dish in terms of portion size, but the flavors were terrific. The trout was lightly smoked, and both it and the rabbit married beautifully with the tomato and tumeric broth and deliciously caramelized and silky shallot puree, with basil oil adding a summery touch.

Review-Field Restaurant Prague-Trout-Rabbit-Tomato-Shallot Puree


Our main dish, Duck with white cabbage puree, pickled mustard and pickled gooseberry, finished with duck reduction, was just as magnificent. Again, not a huge portion size, but by the time you include the bread, three amuse bouches, and other dishes (plus we wanted to save room for dessert) the perfect amount.

Review-Field Restaurant Prague-Duck-White Cabbage-Pickled Mustard-Gooseberry


We each ordered a dessert and split them, and are so glad we tried both. Neither of us could decide which we liked better, as they were both so good, even though the photos don't do them justice. The Rhubarb Yogurt Caramel dessert is also on the tasting menu, and features a thin crunchy rhubarb top, with a cross between yogurt foam and ice cream underneath, along with gooey caramel. Not components you'd think would necessarily work together all that well, but they did.

Review-Field Restaurant Prague-Rhubarb Yogurt Caramel Dessert


The Apricot and Quark dessert may not have been quite as showy, but it too was fantastic, with apricots appearing in the sorbet, as a puree, and in the apricot water (so delicious we ate all of it), and complemented by rich hazelnut paste, light and creamy quark, and lavender jelly.

Review-Field Restaurant Prague-Apricot-Quark-Hazelnut-Lavender Dessert


The Verdict

Field was easily one of the best 1 Michelin Star meals I've ever had, and at a very reasonable price given our a la carte dinner: about $100 for two. Even the 10 course tasting menu, if you have the time for it, is very good value at about $145 per person, although of course if you opt for the wine pairing that will increase the cost considerably. While the presentations are indeed gorgeous and the combinations innovative, the ultimate test is how the food actually tastes, and Field triumphs, at least with everything we ordered. The dining room is modern in style, and not the most cozy, but suits the stylish young professionals we saw dining. Highly recommended for foodies headed to Prague.

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