Hilary Stockton and TravelSort have been quoted in national and international media on frequent flyer miles and luxury travel. She is available to be interviewed and to speak on:

Luxury hotels and resorts
Luxury travel
First class and business class airline products
Frequent flyer programs
Best travel credit cards

News outlets only may contact pr [at] travelsort.com for interview, commentary, and appearance requests. Requests that are not from media outlets and unsolicited pitches will not be answered.

A selection of media that have featured Hilary Stockton's or TravelSort's advice:

US News & World Report: Can You Have Two of the Same Credit Card?

The Mercury News: Passengers, Say Buh-Bye to Southwest Airlines' Iconic Snack

TravelPulse: Will Airbnb's Changes Lead Them to Embrace Travel Agents?

USA Today: Holiday Survival Guide: Staying Sane Amid the Stress

Fox News Travel 9: Ways to Improve the Odds You'll Book a Flight Using Frequent Flyer Miles

U.S. News & World Report: What Changes to Airline Miles Programs Mean for  Your Wallet

Yahoo News:  7 Tips to All Inclusive Resort Deals

The Economist: What's the Best Airline Loyalty Program?

The New York Times: Guide to Being Bumped (Or Not)

The Huffington Post:   Airlines: The Best International First Class Cabins

Diversity Women: Flying the Not So Friendly Skies

NBC:  Now Arriving: The Golden Age of Air Travel

The Huffington Post:  Class Warfare: Economy Class vs. First Class

The Huffington Post:  Choosing the Best Frequent Flyer Program

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