We love helping our clients get to our amazing hotels in style with our award booking service. It's important, though, to read through and understand the following terms to ensure that our hotel booking and award booking services are for you:

  • Preferred pricing is exclusively offered to TravelSort members who have booked their hotel or cruise with us for a given itinerary or are having us book their hotel or cruise together with their award flights. Please see Pricing. If for any reason you do not complete at least $12,000 pre-tax in commissionable hotel or cruise bookings with us for 1-2 passengers ($24,000 pre-tax for 3-4 passengers or $36,000 pre-tax for 5-66 passengers) for the original dates requested for your flight award, an additional $1500 per 1-2 passengers, or $3000 for 3-4 passengers, or $4500 for 5-6 passengers, is due to TravelSort and will be billed to you.
  • You are responsible for any airline taxes and fees associated with the award tickets. We can help you to book airlines that will minimize these fees.
  • Some airlines, such as Alaska Mileage Plan, require clients to book their own award tickets. In those cases we will find award availability on specific flights, but you will be responsible for the actual booking of the award.
  • We do not guarantee specific airlines, aircraft types or seats for awards. We present the best options available for your dates, and are happy to advise on the differences among different airline products.
  • Airlines sometimes have schedule changes; while of course this is beyond our control and we cannot be liable, if there's a significant time or route change, we'll do our best to help you keep your itinerary intact.
  • TravelSort's award booking service is provided on a per booking basis. If we meet the criteria for your award flights that we agreed upon, you agree to compensate us, whether or not you or we ultimately book the itinerary. Since unfortunately some clients have not compensated us for our work, we now require a $160 upfront deposit per ticket from all new clients and will not start work on a booking until this is paid.  If you change your plans after the search has been done or after the booking has been made, that would be a new booking and incur a new booking fee. If you choose to cancel your trip or find flights on your own we won't refund our booking fee. Similarly, since award booking is only offered to members who have booked their hotel or cruise with TravelSort, if you cancel your TravelSort hotel or cruise booking and don't make a new TravelSort hotel or cruise booking, you agree that TravelSort will retain the full $160 per passenger deposit, no refund will be due, and the above-mentioned $1000 will be charged.
  • In no event will TravelSort be liable for any costs beyond the actual fees paid.
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