Updated: New York, NJ, CT 14 Day Quarantine Adds California

New York, NJ, CT 14 Day Quarantine for Visitors from High Covid States

Updated October 27, 2020: California added.

Note also that the New York Quarantine Applies to All International Travelers from Level 2 and 3 Countries.

Previously, NYC Mayor de Blasio announced COVID-19 checkpoints at key entry points to New York City, providing the state contact forms that must be filled out, and providing information to travelers unaware of the New York state 14-day quarantine order. The check points will vary daily, but will include Penn Station and Port Authority.

All travelers to New York state are now required to complete a New York State Health Form or face a $2000 fine for failure to submit the form. Arrivals from states on New York state's mandatory quarantine list can face civil penalties of up to $10,000 for failing to abide by the 14-day quarantine.

New York, New Jersey and Connecticut Announced a 14 Day Quarantine for all arrivals from states with high numbers of coronavirus cases. Failure to quarantine in New York could result in a $1000 fine; New Jersey and Connecticut have not yet announced penalties for scofflaws.

It's an interesting reversal from earlier this year in the COVID-19 pandemic, when states such as Florida and Texas imposed 14 day quarantines on visitors from New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey, citing the high case numbers there (see Which U.S. States Have 14-Day Quarantines for Visitors?)


When Did the New York and Tri-State 14-Day Quarantine Go Into Effect?

The 14-day quarantine order for arrivals to NY, NJ and CT from states with high coronavirus numbers took effect at midnight June 24, 2020.


Which States are Considered to Have High Coronavirus Numbers?

The states whose arrivals are subject to the quarantine order are those with:

  • >10 average daily coronavirus cases per 100,000 residents over a 7-day rolling average, or
  • 10% or higher positivity rate over a 7 day rolling average


Which States Fall Into One of the Above Categories Now?

At time of writing, arrivals from the following restricted states are subject to the 14-day quarantine if they arrive in New York, New Jersey or Connecticut:

  • Alabama (35 average daily new cases per 100K over last 7 days)
  • Alaska (46 per 100K)
  • Arizona (15 per 100K)
  • Arkansas (35 per 100K)
  • California (11 per 100K)
  • Colorado (28 per 100K)
  • Delaware (14 per 100K)
  • Florida (18 per 100K)
  • Georgia (15 per 100K)
  • Idaho (53 per 100K)
  • Illinois (37 per 100K)
  • Indiana (34 per 100K)
  • Iowa (43 per 100K)
  • Kansas (25 per 100K)
  • Kentucky (31 per 100K)
  • Louisiana (15 per 100K)
  • Maryland (12 per 100K)
  • Michigan (23 per 100K)
  • Minnesota (31 per 100K)
  • Mississippi (25 per 100K)
  • Missouri (31 per 100K)
  • Montana (72 per 100K)
  • Nebraska (43 per 100K)
  • Nevada (26 per 100K)
  • New Mexico (36 per 100K)
  • North Carolina (21 per 100K)
  • North Dakota (104 per 100K)
  • Ohio (21 per 100K)
  • Oklahoma (32 per 100K)
  • Rhode Island (38 per 100K)
  • South Carolina (20 per 100K)
  • South Dakota (104 per 100K)
  • Tennessee (39 per 100K)
  • Texas (17 per 100K)
  • Utah (50 per 100K)
  • Virginia (13 per 100K)
  • West Virginia (17 per 100K)
  • Wisconsin (73 per 100K)
  • Wyoming (53 per 100K)
  • Guam (48 per 100K)
  • Puerto Rico (20 per 100K)


Is the Quarantine Being Enforced? Is There a Fine for Non-Compliance?

While travelers' self-quarantine is mostly on the honor system, Governor Cuomo has stated that travelers from out of state are required to provide contact information (this seems to be primarily for air travelers). Failure to provide valid contact information will result in a summons and a $2000 fine.

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont has pledged to add a $1000 fine soon, as part of a new executive order, to those coming to CT from the listed states who do not abide by the mandatory 14-day quarantine and who do not have a negative Covid-19 PCR test taken 72 hours or fewer prior to arriving in Connecticut.

If you live in the U.S., what is the prevalence of coronavirus in your state? Have you been impacted by any state quarantines during out-of-state travel?

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