How to Transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards Points to a Partner’s Account

How to Transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards Points to Another Account


Transferring Chase Ultimate Rewards Points Between Accounts is a great benefit if you and your spouse or partner both have Chase Ultimate Rewards cards, such as the Chase Sapphire Reserve, Sapphire Preferred, Ink Business Preferred or (now defunct) Ink Plus cards.

Generally you need the name on the bank account to match the name of the frequent flyer account you're transferring points to, so if you have some frequent flyer miles languishing in your Skypass, KrisFlyer, MileagePlus or Flying Blue account, but your spouse or partner has the Ultimate Rewards points you need, it's no problem to transfer his/her points to your Ultimate Rewards account, then transfer out to the appropriate frequent flyer account.

Here are the steps:

1. Login to the Chase Ultimate Rewards Account You Want to Transfer Points From

Find your total Ultimate Rewards points balance and click on it.

How to Transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards Points-Click on Points


2. Click on the Chase Ultimate Rewards Card You Want to Transfer Points From

After clicking on your total Ultimate Rewards balance, you'll be taken to a screen showing your different Chase cards. Click on the card with the points you want to transfer.

How to Transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards Points-Select Account


3. Click on “Combine Points”

Look at the far right corner of the screen–there should be a “Combine Points” option to click on.

How to Transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards Points to Another Account-Combine Points


4. Click “Add Household Member”

You have the option to either transfer your points to another Chase card (handy when you want to consolidate all your points under your Chase Sapphire Reserve or Ink card, before transferring them out to a frequent flyer program) or to click on “Add Household Member.” If you've previously added the card of your spouse or partner, it will appear here, in the lower right corner.

How to Transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards Points to Another Account-Add Household Member


5. Add Your Household Member's Chase Card Details

How to Transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards Points to Another Account-Provide Household Member Card Details



Can You Transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards Points to Someone Not in Your Household?

Per Chase terms, no. You must choose ONE member of your household to transfer points to. If Chase suspects you've engaged in fraudulent activity, such as transferring Ultimate Rewards points to an ineligible third party or account, buying or selling points, or similar, Chase may close your credit card accounts and confiscate all your points.


I Removed a Card and Attempted to Add It  Back, But Got an Error–Now What?

This happened to me as well when I removed my Chase Sapphire Reserve, for purposes of taking the screenshots above, then attempted to add it back to transfer points. I got an error, but was able to add a Chase Freedom card, and then on my end, I simply combined my Chase Freedom points with my Chase Sapphire Reserve. So if you get an error when attempting to add one Chase card, try another, such as a Chase Freedom, since it's easy to combined points from your Chase Freedom(s) with your Chase Sapphire card.


Best Uses of Ultimate Rewards Points?

My preferred use of Ultimate Rewards points used to be transferring to Singapore KrisFlyer to book Singapore Suites or Singapore First Class, but with the much more limited award availability, I now tend to do more transfers to Korean Air SkyPass for the Korean Air New Kosmo Suite 2.0 and Skypass partner awards, and lately I've transferred points to British Airways Avios for intra-Asia JAL Business Class and Cathay Pacific First Class and Cathay Pacific Business Class on the transcon JFK-Vancouver route.

Have you transferred Ultimate Rewards points to or from your spouse or partner recently to book an award?

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3 years ago

I transfer my husband’s Freedom points to mine every other month, which I then convert into miles. It’s an arrangement I love!