Korean Air New Kosmo Suite 2.0 Booked!

Korean Air New Kosmo Suite 2.0

Korean Air's New Kosmo Suite 2.0 is one I've been interested in trying since it was introduced in 2015, but given our itineraries and other miles we wanted to use we haven't had occasion to book it–until now. With many more Chase Ultimate Rewards miles than other miles and points (thanks to earning so many of them at 5X from our Chase Freedom and 3X from our Chase Sapphire Reserve cards) it was time to redeem some of them for a return from Asia later this year. Here's why I'm looking forward to the Kosmo Suite 2.0, along with current Kosmo Suite 2.0 routes and the SkyPass miles required to book popular itineraries.

Korean Air Kosmo Suite 2.0 Features

  • Kosmo Suite 2.0 seat is 80 inches long and 24 inches wide
  • More private first class cabin, with just 6 Kosmo Suite 2.0 first class seats on the 747-8; Lufthansa First Class 747-8 has 8 seats
  • 2 bathrooms for the 6 suite cabin (and often the first class cabin isn't full) on the 747-8; although just 1 bathroom for the 8 suite cabin on the 777-300ER
  • Sliding suite door for privacy
  • Air vent; useful if you find the cabin too warm
  • Mattress pad
  • 24 inch IFE screen

Korean Air New Kosmo Suite 2.0

Korean Air Kosmo Suite 2.0 Aircraft 

The only Korean Air aircraft type that, at time of writing, has the Kosmo Suite 2.0 installed on every aircraft, is the 747-8, which has 6 suites in first class. There are 10 of these aircraft.

Korean Air also has some (but not all) 777-300ER aircraft with the new Kosmo Suite 2.0. If your 777-300ER has 277 total seats and the business class section is in a 2-2-2 configuration then it features the new Kosmo Suite 2.0. If, on the other hand, your 777-300ER aircraft has 291 total seats and business class is in a 2-3-2 configuration, it has the first generation Kosmo Suite, which is an open suite without sliding doors.

Note that there are no plans to introduce the Kosmo Suite 2.0 on any of Korean Air's A380 aircraft.

It goes without saying that Korean Air and other airlines can and sometimes do swap aircraft, so just because you book a flight that has Kosmo Suite 2.0 installed in first class doesn't mean that that aircraft will definitely fly that route. It's good to keep monitoring the equipment for your flight, so that if it does change, you can either try to change to a different flight with the Kosmo Suite 2.0 or cancel and get your miles reinstated.


Korean Air Kosmo Suite 2.0 747-8 Routes

  • KE906 from Frankfurt FRA to Seoul ICN (currently operating)
  • KE905 from Seoul ICN to Frankfurt FRA (currently operating)
  • KE608 from Hong Kong HKG to Seoul ICN (select flights in March 2018)
  • KE607 from Seoul ICN to Hong Kong HKG (select flights in March 2018)
  • KE614 from Hong Kong HKG to Seoul ICN (select flights in March 2018)
  • KE613 from Seoul ICN to Hong Kong HKG (select flights in March 2018)
  • KE072 from Vancouver YVR to Seoul ICN, June-October 2018
  • KE071 from Seoul ICN to Vancouver YVR, June-October 2018
  • KE086 from New York JFK to Seoul ICN from November 2018
  • KE085 from Seoul ICN to New York JFK from November 2018


SkyPass Miles Required

One way in Korean Air's Kosmo Suite 2.0 from the U.S. or Canada to Seoul is 80,000 miles each way, and taxes and fees can range from $119 from Vancouver to Seoul to $257 from Frankfurt to Seoul. If adding on an intra-Asia segment, itineraries such as the U.S. via Seoul to Hong Kong is still 80,000 miles, while the U.S via Seoul to Singapore or Bangkok would be 95,000 miles each way. The U.S. via Seoul to Sydney or Auckland would be 120,000 miles each way.

If you've flown Korean Air's Kosmo Suite 2.0, what was your experience?

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6 years ago

Note that the 80K is for off-peak and the price can be 120K during May and June peak seasons. This info always seems to be missing on blog posts.