Korean Air SkyPass: How to Add Family Members for Awards

How Do You Add Family Members to Korean Air SkyPass?  Korean Air SkyPass is notorious in the miles and points world for being more difficult when it comes to redeeming miles for others, so I wanted to relate my experience recently, which took just minutes.

Which Family Members Can You Redeem Your Korean Air SkyPass Miles For?

Korean Air SkyPass permits members to redeem their miles (and also pool miles with) family members only, which Korean Air SkyPass defines as:

  • Spouse
  • Children
  • Parents
  • Siblings
  • Parents-in-law
  • Sons-in-law
  • Daughters-in-law
  • Grandparents
  • Grandchildren
Unfortunately significant others that aren't spouses by marriage, including boyfriends and girlfriends, don't count, which is why if that's the case, I always recommend that each of you earn your own points and open your own SkyPass account, as pooling isn't possible.


What Proof of Family Relationship is Required?
Korean nationals have to submit family registration documents, or resident registration issued within the preceding 6 months. Non-Korean nationals have to submit birth certificates, marriage certificates and similar legal documents that prove the family relationship. This can be quite a hassle depending on the relationship and how easily accessible the relevant documents are.


Ensure You Create a New SkyPass Account for the Family Member
Since you'll need to list the SkyPass account number(s) for the family member(s) you want to add, be sure to Register for a new Korean Air SkyPass account for each family member who doesn't yet have one.


Fill Out the Family Registration Application 
Once you've gathered the necessary documentation, complete the Korean Air SkyPass Family Registration Application Form with your name and SkyPass number and the family members' SkyPass numbers. Strangely the form itself doesn't instruct you where to submit it, but the SkyPass Family Plan page instructs you to fax it to 310-417-5696 if you're in the U.S. or Canada, or 02-2656-8989 if you're in Korea, or 06-6264-3438 if you're in Japan. If you're in another country, I'd suggest faxing it to the U.S./Canada number. Be sure to fax the form together with the legal documentation proving the family relationship.


Follow Up with an Email
Once you've faxed the form, I highly recommend following up with an email to engskypass@koreanair.com to ensure the fax was received. This is what I did, and within minutes my son had been added to my SkyPass account, making it easy to book awards for him online, via my SkyPass account.


If you've added family members to your Korean SkyPass account, how long did it take?
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Suchada Soramaki
Suchada Soramaki
6 years ago

How can I combine me and my kids with the family plan?