Chase Freedom 5X Calendar: PayPal, Grocery Stores, Chase Pay for Q2 2018

Chase Freedom 5X Calendar-PayPal-Grocery Stores-Chase Pay

The Chase Freedom 5X Calendar for Q2 2018 Categories are PayPal, Grocery Stores and Chase Pay. You can activate 5X on your Chase Freedom starting tomorrow, March 15, 2018 (note that today is the last day to activate 5X for Q1 2018), but the 5X will only apply (up to the usual $1500 limit per card per quarter) for purchases made on your activated card from April 1-June 30, 2018.

Chase Freedom 5X Calendar for Q2 2018


It's not surprising to see Chase including Chase Pay again as a 5X bonus category for Q2, even though it's currently a 5X category for Q1 as well, as Chase aims to build market share for Chase Pay.

Grocery stores is a much loved category for many consumers, especially families, who easily spend the $1500-$3000 in a quarter to max out 1-2 Chase Freedom cards.

PayPal is a new bonus category that hasn't been offered before. We personally won't use it, but it could be handy for those who have to pay small businesses that use PayPal as a way to accept credit cards.

Per the press release, here's what counts for each category; I'm sure the Chase Freedom 5X FAQ will also be updated tomorrow with more example of what is and isn't included.

  • PayPal – which can be used online, on mobile or in-app across more than 18 million large, mid-sized and small businesses around the world
  • Chase Pay using the app, online or in 3rd party apps
  • Grocery stores, including traditional brick-and-mortar food retailers and online delivery services

For us, we plan to max out our 4 Chase Freedom cards at Trader Joe's, where we do the bulk of our grocery shopping, and will purchase gift cards to last us the rest of the year for grocery and wine purchases.

What's your strategy for maximizing the Chase Freedom 5X bonus on grocery stores, PayPal and Chase Pay for Q2 2108?

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Does anyone know if Walmart Grocery will code as groceries? When you use the grocery app with AMEX, it is coding as groceries. It has to be in the app or to code that way. I was not sure if Discover and Chase will follow suit.