Great Gogo WiFi Customer Service

Great Gogo Wifi Customer Service


Great Gogo WiFi Customer Service, and credit where credit is due. Today I'm on a Delta flight, and I figured I'd use one of my free Gogo WiFi passes from my AMEX Business Platinum. The only problem? It's been a couple years since I logged into Gogo (normally we fly JetBlue on domestic flights, where there's free FlyFi for everyone), and because I have a few different email addresses, I couldn't remember which email I'd used when I originally enrolled my AMEX Business Platinum card.

Free Gogo WiFi with AMEX Platinum


I was able to log into Gogo using one of my emails, but no passes were attached, and the options were to purchase a 30 minute pass for $11 or for the entire flight for $39 (that makes the AMEX Platinum free Gogo passes more valuable than I thought, when flying on Delta or other flights with Gogo and without free WiFi). So I used the Gogo chat function and asked if they could help me locate my account with the  free Gogo WiFi passes.

The Gogo representative was friendly and helpful, and after not finding it with either of the email addresses I supplied, tried looking it up with my first and last name. Ultimately she wasn't able to find my account, but instead of just telling me I was out of luck, she kindly provided me a complimentary pass for my flight. That's great customer service, and I sincerely appreciate it.

Afterwards, I logged in, redeemed the complimentary pass and went to the Gogo AMEX page and attempted to load the passes to the Gogo account that I remembered having, although I received an error as it said my passes were already loaded to another Gogo account. I'll have to figure out which account this is, but in the meantime, it's great to be able to have a complimentary pass thanks to Gogo customer service. WiFi speed is also excellent, much, much better than it was a couple years ago when I last used it.

If you've had to contact Gogo customer service while on a flight, how was your service experience?

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