Review: Singapore Airlines WiFi

Review: Singapore Airlines WiFi


Singapore Airlines offers in-flight WiFi on its A380, 777-300ER, and A350 aircraft. Singapore Airline's WiFi partners are SITAONAIR and Panasonic. The network will either display as OnAir for SITAONAIR or KrisWorld if the provider is Panasonic.

WiFi: Time Based or Volume Based?

Price plans can be either volume-based or time based. I was assuming the worst, that is, that my flight would have volume-based WiFi, which usually means you get next to nothing done for an exorbitant amount of money.


WiFi Pricing on My Flight

Fortunately, I was wrong and my flight on an A350 has WiFi by Panasonic and is time-based, with a reasonable price of ~$22 for the entire flight. Here were the options offered on my ~10 hour flight.

Singapore Airlines In-Flight WiFi Pricing

Don't Forget to Click the “Connect” Button

Initially I thought there were technical issues, after receiving confirmation of my purchase, when I was still unable to connect. All it was, however, was that I hadn't scrolled down the page and hadn't noticed the “Connect” button, so don't forget to click it.

Singapore Airlines WiFi: Click the Connect Button

After I did, I received confirmation that I was connected.

Singapore Airlines WiFi: Confirmation of Connection

How Fast Is It?

I was pleasantly surprised at how fast the WiFi is. Normally all in-flight WiFi disclaimers state you won't be able to watch video, but I'm listening to and watching Roxy Music's Avalon video as I write this, and the sound quality is as good as at home, even though the video quality is slightly degraded.

Singapore Airlines WiFi: Video Quality Slightly Degraded


I also ran a speed test on SpeedSmart and these were the results:

Singapore Airlines WiFi Speed Test


I did however notice a greater lag time when uploading photos for this post.


If I Have Issues, Whom Can I Contact?

At least for Panasonic, a confirmation email is sent to you after purchase, and the customer contact email is


The Verdict

The other Singapore Airlines flights I've been on have had volume pricing, which frankly wasn't worth it given how little I could accomplish for the price paid. But if Panasonic and time-based pricing is available on your Singapore Airlines flight I recommend it, based on my current experience.

If you've recently purchased WiFi on a Singapore Airlines flight, what pricing was offered and what was your experience with the WiFi speed?

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