Austrian Business Class 767 Review

Austrian Business Class 767 Review

This Review of Austrian Airlines Business Class on a 767-300ER is from a 2019 flight from New York JFK to Vienna VIE. We've previously flown Austrian Airlines, so knew what to expect, in terms of the staggered layout and seat.

Austrian Airlines Business Class Cabin, 767-300
Austrian Airlines Business Class Cabin, 767-300ER

Here's my Austrian Airlines 767 Business Class YouTube Video Review:

The Verdict

Austrian Airlines is a case where I like more of the soft product than the hard product. Flat bed seats have been standard for awhile now in business class, so that's not a differentiator. While it's not an option for JFK to Europe, as far as international business class products go, I much prefer JAL Business Class, at least in a window seat, because it doesn't have the issue of the cramped footwell you find in Austrian Business Class, or SWISS or Brussels Business Class for that matter. And if it's cramped for me, at 5'7″, I can only imagine what it's like for a tall passenger of 6′ or more.

While the menu didn't sound exciting at all, I have to say that the meal was much better than I expected, from the prawn and papaya salad to the very moist and tender chicken with sweet corn puree, to the warm and delicious almond cherry cake. I know from past experience that the coffee is delicious as well, but I wanted to get some sleep on this red eye flight.

Since there aren't really any incredible business class products from the U.S. to Europe, Austrian Airlines Business Class is one of the better ones, if you can get past the cramped footwell issue of the bed.

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