Activate Chase Freedom 5X for Apple Pay

Activate Chase Freedom 5X-Apple Pay

Activate Chase Freedom 5X for Apply Pay for Q1 2018, if you haven't already. I'd never had occasion to use Apple Pay before, but now that it earns a 5X bonus, I love this quarter and have maxed out the $1500 for one of our 4 Chase Freedom cards already, which will earn 7500 points. I don't expect it to be difficult to earn another 22,500 points with our other 3 cards, if need be buying some Trader Joe's gift cards at the end of the quarter. We're saving up our Ultimate Rewards points for Korean First Class Kosmo Suites Awards, and every bit helps.

If you're a latecomer to Apple Pay as I am, here's how to sign up for Apple Pay:

1. On Your iPhone, Go to the Google Wallet Icon

2. Click on the “Add Credit or Debit Card” link

How to Sign up for Apple Pay

3. Click Continue

How to Sign up for Apple Pay

4. Scan your Credit Card

You'll need to position your card in the frame; the credit card number and expiration are auto-populated, and all you need to do is enter the 3 digit security code of your Freedom card, from the signature strip.

5. Enter Your Chase Verification Code

Chase emails or texts you a verification code, which you then enter. After that, you're ready to go.

Apple Pay-Enter Chase Verification Code


Using Apple Pay

At retailers in NYC, such as Trader Joe's, Fairways, etc. you just position your phone near the register and use Touch ID to pay. Afterwards, your latest transaction is visible. For online retailers, you'll typically need to either be using Safari as your browser, for Apple Pay to work, or will need to download the app if there is one.


Pay Friends with Apple Pay?

While retailers eat the processing costs of Apple Pay, if you want to send money to friends using Apple Pay, there's a 3% charge when using a credit card. So I'd recommend leveraging retailers, including front loading spend by buying gift cards, when maximizing this Chase Freedom 5X bonus.

Are you earning 5X with your Chase Freedom using Apple Pay, or putting spend on one of the other 5X bonus categories such as gas stations, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, Chase Pay, Internet, or Cable and Phone Services?

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