Virtuoso Daily Breakfast Benefit Limit?

Virtuoso Daily Breakfast Benefit Limited to Two Guests?

Is the Virtuoso Daily Breakfast Benefit Limited to Two Guests? TravelSort Client Jason writes: “We're considering an extended family stay at Four Seasons Anguilla, in one of the 3BR or 4BR villas. I know the Virtuoso benefit is usually breakfast for two daily, but since we're reserving a villa with multiple bedrooms, how many breakfasts are included? Just two, and we have to pay for the rest? Two per bedroom? Or for everyone staying, as long as it's within the villa occupancy limits?”

Great question. For those who haven't reserved much with Virtuoso benefits or Four Seasons Preferred Partner perks, particularly multi-bedroom villas or residences, there's often the question of what the breakfast benefit is. And through last year, it did actually vary somewhat for different Virtuoso properties.

Most Virtuoso member hotels did provide up to two full breakfasts per bedroom, although a few only provided it for two guests, which I always thought wrong and very stingy.

Fortunately, as of 2020, ALL Virtuoso member hotels and resorts provide daily breakfast for up to two guests per bedroom, for the entire stay. So if you reserve a 2 Bedroom Suite and you're a family or group of four, you'll enjoy four complimentary breakfasts daily. If you reserve a 4BR villa and you're a group of eight, you'll receive 8 complimentary breakfasts daily.

Note that the breakfast benefit is per staying guest, so if you had 3 guests staying in a 2 Bedroom Suite, you'd enjoy 3 complimentary breakfasts daily, not 4. And if you had an extra adult staying such that you had 5 guests in a 2 Bedroom Suite, you'd still only receive 4 daily breakfasts and would need to pay for the 5th one. The only exception is with properties that sometimes include an extra breakfast in the extra bed charge; to clarify if that's the case, check with us or your luxury travel advisor when reserving.

But back to this client's specific question, which involves the Four Seasons Anguilla. I highly recommended to Jason that we reserve the villa for his extended family with Four Seasons Preferred Partner benefits, instead of Virtuoso. Why, when the breakfast benefit of up to two guests per bedroom, seems to be the same? Three reasons:

1. In-Room Breakfast Option

With Four Seasons Preferred Partner, the breakfast benefit can be enjoyed not only at the restaurant, but also in the room, via room service. If his group wants to enjoy complimentary breakfast in their own villa any of the mornings of their stay, that is offered with Preferred Partner, but not with Virtuoso, which specifies that the complimentary breakfast must be taken at the restaurant.

2. Upgrade and Villa Preference Priority

While upgrades don't normally apply to specialty suites or multi-bedroom villas, Four Seasons Preferred Partner does provide top priority for room and suite upgrades and other guest requests. So for example, if the resort has three bookings, one made via a Four Seasons Preferred Partner, one via Virtuoso and one via AMEX FHR, all requesting a particular view or location and can only accommodate one of them, the reservation made by a Four Seasons Preferred Partner will receive top priority.

3. Four Seasons Anguilla FSPP Credit: $100 per Bedroom

While this isn't the case at most resorts, where the hotel credit is usually the same regardless of the number of bedrooms, the Four Seasons Anguilla offers a $100 credit once per stay, per bedroom, as a Four Seasons Preferred Partner benefit. A 4 Bedroom Villa would enjoy a $400 credit when reserved with FSPP benefits, whereas the same 4BR Villa reserved with Virtuoso would only have a $100 credit.

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