Review: Singapore Airlines 777 Business Class Manila to Singapore

Review-Singapore Airlines Business Class 777-200 Cabin


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Singapore Airlines 777-200 Business Class Cabin and Seat Selection
Singapore Airlines has several 777-200 configurations; the one on our Manila to Singapore flight had 38 business class seats in a 2-2-2 configuration, apart from the first row, row 11, which had just two seats, 11D and 11F. 11D, 12C and 12H are bassinet seats, so be aware that if you sit there you may be moved if a passenger needs the bassinet seat.
There's plenty of leg room for all of these seats, but if you want even more leg room and no one in front of you, you may want to choose 12A, 12C, 12H or 12K, as these have especially great leg room due to the position of the bulk head.
Review-Singapore Airlines Business Class 777-200-Seats 12H and 12K
I'd recommend avoiding 11D/11F, as these central seats are rather exposed as the seats right in the front, and yet don't have a window. Similarly, I'd avoid row 16, the last row in the first business class cabin, and also would avoid rows 17 and 19 in the mini 2nd business class cabin, as these are sandwiched right between the galley/lavatories and economy, so there can be quite a bit of foot traffic.

Singapore 777-200 Business Class Seat

The Singapore Business Class seat on our 777-200 was 24.5 inches wide, so narrower than the 28-30 inches of width that Singapore Airlines planes with 4 classes of service, such as the A380 and 777-300ER, offer in Business Class.

Each seat had a pillow and blanket at the seat, but no amenity kit; Singapore generally only provides First Class and Suites with amenity kits.

Review-Singapore Airlines Business Class 777-200 Angled Flat Seats


I chose seats 14H and 14K for my son and me. This is the view from 14H, looking towards seat 12F and 11F.

Review-Singapore Airlines Business Class 777-200-View from Seat 14H


There's storage for small items in two compartments in the seat back:

Review-Singapore Airlines Business Class 777-200 Seat-Storage for Small Items


Business Class seats on this 777-200 were angled flat when fully reclined. The flight from Manila to Singapore is 3 hours 40 minutes, so neither my husband nor I had to sleep on the flight, but our son did sleep some as it was past his bedtime. The angled flat seats would have been very poor for a long flight, but for <4 hours they were fine.

Review-Singapore Airlines Business Class 777-200-Seat Controls

Review-Singapore Airlines Business Class 777-200-Angled Flat Seat MNL-SIN


Singapore 777 Business Class Menu and Food, Manila to Singapore

Prior to pushing back, we were offered a pre-flight drink. My son and I both chose orange juice, but Charles Heidsieck Champagne was also offered, which my husband chose.

Review-Singapore Airlines Business Class MNL-SIN Dinner Table Setting


Here's the dinner menu for our flight; you can view the wine list and other drinks in the above video.

Singapore Airlines Business Class Menu Manila to Singapore

Singapore Airlines Business Class Dinner Menu Manila to Singapore


The smoked salmon salad was simple but fresh and tasty.

Review-Singapore Airlines Business Class MNL-SIN-Smoked Salmon Salad Appetizer


My son also liked his garlic bread:

Garlic Bread


I liked the individual flavors in my main, the prawns, pineapple-apple-ginger chutney, and the asparagus, but I didn't think the flavors complemented each other very well. This was a case of the whole being less than the sum of the parts. The asparagus would have gone better with the smoked salmon appetizer, and the chutney would have been better as a counterpoint to a curry, barbecued meat, or some kind of spicy dish.

Review-Singapore Airlines Business Class MNL-SIN Dinner-Seared Prawns with Pineapple Ginger Chutney


Nevertheless, I definitely preferred my dish to my son's. He'd ordered the pork ribs, but these were incredibly fatty, and not in an appetizing way. The vegetables and rice were fine, if not distinctive.

Review-Singapore Airlines Business Class Pork Ribs


For dessert, the Caramel Ice Cream was ok, although not nearly as nice as the Salted Caramel Ice Cream in Brussels Business Class. It was a good thing I had quick reflexes, since with the angle of the tray table and condensation on the bottom of the dish, I just barely managed to catch it as it slid right across the table (see video).

I did really enjoy the TWG tea that I was served, TWG tea is my absolute favorite, especially its Earl Grey tea.

Review-Singapore Airlines Business Class MNL-SIN-TWG Tea


Singapore KrisWorld IFE

One of the things my family looks forward to most on Singapore Airlines, apart from the usually very good service, is the Singapore KrisWorld in-flight entertainment system. I've been known to take the KrisWorld film guide with me, given its extensive list of foreign films, many of which I'd never have otherwise come across. On this occasion though I watched some of Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri, with one of my favorite actresses, Frances McDormand.


The Verdict

You can't expect anything too fancy on Manila to Singapore, and while I do wish Singapore would put full flat bed seats on this route, it's not an overnight flight so the angled flat seats are tolerable to most. Service was excellent and attentive. While there is no amenity kit provided, a crew member was happy to provide us a sleep mask for my son when asked.

The food wasn't that great (the ex-Manila route does not offer Book the Cook meal pre-ordering) but I don't expect great food in business class. The KrisWorld IFE was, as usual, excellent, with more than enough film choices to keep even my cinephile husband happy.

If you've flown Singapore Airlines 777-200 in Business Class recently, what was your experience?

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