How to Keep Singapore KrisFlyer Miles From Expiring

How to Keep Singapore KrisFlyer Miles from Expiring


How do you keep Singapore KrisFlyer miles from expiring? I recently received an email about my son's KrisFlyer account, which will expire later this year, and at first I thought that perhaps Singapore KrisFlyer rules had changed, permitting miles to be kept alive with activity in the account:

“Thank you for being a member of KrisFlyer and we hope you have enjoyed the benefits of your membership. As your KrisFlyer membership will expire on [date], your current membership number will no longer be valid after that time.

To continue to enjoy all the benefits as a KrisFlyer member, we would like to suggest a few ways in which you can prevent your KrisFlyer account from expiring:

– Fly on Singapore Airlines or SilkAir

– Earn miles through any of our partners before expiration of your account. For example, you can transfer your credit card reward points to KrisFlyer miles, stay at participating hotels or rent a car to earn KrisFlyer miles…”

On closer reading, however, it was apparent that the referenced activity only pertained to keeping the actual Account number alive, not the existing miles.

Singapore KrisFlyer Miles Expire 3 Years After Being Earned

Singapore KrisFlyer terms note that “A member's KrisFlyer miles will expire after three years at the end of the equivalent month in which they were earned.” For example, miles that you earned anytime in January 2018 will expire January 31, 2021. Unlike many U.S. frequent flyer programs, you can't extend the validity of your miles past that 3 year lifespan with subsequent flying or account activity.


Book a Singapore KrisFlyer Award Flight

Your best option, if you have upcoming travel and can find award availability, is to redeem your KrisFlyer miles before they expire. Be aware that it's gotten much more difficult to redeem for Singapore Suites Saver Awards; many of these, at least when booked in advance, are only available at the more expensive AAdvantage award rate. It doesn't hurt to check close to departure–for example, here's one for tomorrow morning from Frankfurt to JFK, departing in about 9 hours, with saver award space:


Book a Placeholder Singapore KrisFlyer Award Flight and Change It Later

If you don't have an immediate need for a KrisFlyer award, consider booking an award you may need for dates as far in advance as possible. You can book KrisFlyer awards 354 days in advance, so the current award calendar is open through Feb. 5, 2019.

Later, once you have your actual dates, you can change them. Keep in mind that, as of March 1, 2018, Singapore KrisFlyer has higher fees for changes and redeposits. Currently, date changes on the same Singapore or SilkAir award are free, but date changes will be $25 from March 1. And changing the route, cabin class or award type will cost an additional $25, up from the current $20. Also note that you'll still need to change the award within the 1 year validity of when you ticketed.


Pay to Extend Miles

I put this option last, as it's the least attractive: you can pay USD $12 per 10,000 KrisFlyer miles to extend the validity of your miles for 6 months. You can only do this once, so if you have a lot of KrisFlyer miles, it can be an expensive way of keeping them alive, without actually giving you that much more time to redeem them.

Do you have Singapore KrisFlyer miles expiring soon? How will you either keep them from expiring, or which award do you plan to book before they expire?

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5 years ago

Hi there, interesting take on how to extend miles. Just so I’m clean, if you put a placeholder for 354 days in advance, can you then extend beyond 354 days or does it have to be within the 354 days for date changes?

5 years ago

Not good to me, in US. Delta Airlines miles never expires, AA or United Airlines can keep miles not expiry by adding some miles from other activities. I think it’s better to earn United Airlines miles through Singapore airlines as they are Star Alliance.