Review: Coyul, Four Seasons Tamarindo

Review: Coyul, Four Seasons Tamarindo


This review of Coyul Restaurant at the Four Seasons Tamarindo, Mexico, is from our recent site inspection stay. Coyul is the resort's main restaurant, serving breakfast daily, as well as dinner.


Coyul Location and Hours

Coyul is located down the stairs from the open-air lobby, by the Four Seasons Kids for All Seasons Kids' Club. It has some of the longest breakfast hours we've seen at a resort, from 7am-12 noon, and serves dinner 6-11pm.

Coyul, Four Seasons Tamarindo


Four Seasons Tamarindo Breakfast at Coyul

TravelSort Clients enjoy complimentary daily breakfast at Coyul, or via in-room dining. We especially liked the fresh fruit, which included not only melon, grapefruit, watermelon, and kiwi, but also papaya, mango, and berries: strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries. We find that fresh berries is one of the ways true luxury hotels elevate their buffet breakfast. Places that are in cost-cutting mode often don't provide fresh berries.

Coyul Breakfast Buffet, Four Seasons Tamarindo


Another aspect we really enjoyed were giant cooked prawns; these were in the cold case, alongside smoked salmon and tomatoes. Just be sure to ask one of the staff to clear your plate when finished, as the prawn shells can attract flies. There was also, as expected for Mexico, excellent freshly made guacamole.

Prawns and Smoked Salmon, Coyul, Four Seasons Tamarindo


There are a variety of salads, as well as cheeses and cold cuts:

Breakfast Cheeses, Coyul, Four Seasons Tamarindo


For those seeking a hot breakfast, there were different kinds of egg and savory dishes, including Huevos en salsa de poblano (eggs in poblano pepper salsa) and Mexican eggs. There were also different tamales available daily, which were very tasty.

Breakfast Egg Dishes, Coyul, Four Seasons Tamarindo
Breakfast Fruit and Tamale, Coyul, Four Seasons Tamarindo


Alternatively, you can request an omelet made to order:

Omelet Made to Order, Coyul, Four Seasons Tamarindo


I was also happy to see housemade granola, to put over a bowl of yogurt and berries:

Breakfast Yogurt and Granola, Coyul, Four Seasons Tamarindo


Pastries, which included housemade croissants, pains au chocolat, fruit pies, and danishes, paired well with a cappuccino.

Breakfast Pastries, Coyul, Four Seasons Tamarindo
Breakfast Pastry, Coyul, Four Seasons Tamarindo
Cappuccino, Coyul, Four Seasons Tamarindo


Coyul Dinner, Four Seasons Tamarindo

While Sal tends to be more popular, with its dramatic setting right by the ocean, Coyul is an excellent choice if you're in the mood for more Italian-inflected cuisine. As in Italy, keep in mind that pasta courses are more of a first course, so they're smaller portions; if very hungry, you'll need two of them, or a pasta and a main course.

Coyul Dinner Menu, Four Seasons Tamarindo
Coyul Dinner Pasta Menu, Four Seasons Tamarindo
Coyul Dinner Menu, Four Seasons Tamarindo


After ordering, our server brought us a complimentary bread basket, accompanied by squid ink butter. We especially enjoyed the fresh focaccia.

Fresh Focaccia and Bread, Coyul, Four Seasons Tamarindo


We shared a couple starters: an excellent carrot-ginger soup with labneh, and beef tongue tacos, which I probably wouldn't have ordered but for a recommendation from a couple we met at a cooking class. It was a great call. I actually preferred it to some of the tacos we tried at Nacho Taqueria.

Carrot Ginger Soup, Coyul, Four Seasons Tamarindo
Beef Tongue Tacos, Coyul, Four Seasons Tamarindo


We also shared the Orecciette pasta with tuna and kalamata olive ragu, which was tasty but not that memorable, and the suckling pig with sweet potato, which was absolutely perfect: crackling skin and tender meat.

Pasta with Tuna, Coyul, Four Seasons Tamarindo
Suckling Pig, Coyul, Four Seasons Tamarindo


We recommend a seat by the pool, with a view of the ocean.

View from Coyul, Four Seasons Tamarindo


The Verdict

Coyul's breakfast offering was excellent for a North American resort. Highlights were the all-morning hours, berries and great fresh fruit selection, giant and very tasty prawns, homemade jams, made-to-order omelets, and local dishes, such as the tamales and various salsas and sauces. Our a la carte dinner was also very good; highlights were the beef tongue tacos and suckling pig with sweet potato. Service was friendly and attentive, and our food allergy was catered for.

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