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One Ninety Singapore Breakfast Buffet

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One Ninety at the Four Seasons Singapore

One Ninety is the Four Season Singapore's fine dining restaurant for steaks and seafood, and also offers a copious breakfast buffet in the morning, which is complimentary if you booked the Four Seasons Singapore with Preferred Partner benefits as a TravelSort Client.

Dinner at One Ninety

After a slightly harrowing trip between Koh Samui and Singapore, due to our delayed outbound Koh Samui flight and the resulting tight connection in Bangkok, we had basically missed lunch and were ravenous for an early dinner. One Ninety delivered the goods.

We didn't have a reservation, but fortunately that wasn't a problem as we were dining early and there were only a few other tables seated. The elegant but friendly hostess seated us, and our server provided us with menus: the regular dinner menu, a menu of Singaporean hawker food favorites, and a kids' menu for the munchkin.

Naturally, I was thrilled to see my favorite Singaporean dishes offered, as I hadn't come to Singapore to dine on steak and seafood, as expertly prepared as they likely are at One Ninety. 

One Ninety Singapore Menu - Singaporean Hawker Food


Meanwhile, my husband perused the regular menu:

One Ninety Singapore Menu-Dinner


And the munchkin was delighted by the colorful kids' menu, immediately focusing on pizza as his option:

One Ninety Singapore Kids Menu


I was impressed with how quickly our orders arrived, especially the munchkin's pizza, which thankfully was first to come out. Here's the munchkin's excited anticipation at seeing it on the table:

One Ninety Singapore Review and Menu


The pizza itself was easily the best pizza of our trip, and I wish we had such a place in our neighborhood in NYC that served pizza this delicious. I'm not even that much of a pizza fan, but this was excellent and very fresh tasting, with a nice balance of gooey cheese and crisp, blistered crust.

One Ninety Singapore Review - Pizza


My Singaporean laksa was enormous and, spiked with accompanying sambal, some of the best I've had. I loved the quail eggs and meaty scallops that dressed it up. It really hit the spot and I definitely recommend it.

One Ninety Singapore Review and Menu-Laksa-Four Seasons Singapore


My husband, however, was craving Western comfort food in the form of the Wagyu Burger and fries, and as you'd expect for a steakhouse, it was superb quality, juicy, and cooked exactly to his specification of medium.

One Ninety Singapore Review - Wagyu Burger and Fries


For a vegetable side dish, we chose the broccoli rabe with garlic chips. My husband and I loved it, but there was a bit of chili flecked throughout that we enjoyed but made it too spicy for the munchkin.

One Ninety Singapore Review - Broccoli Rabe with Garlic Chips


Breakfast Buffet at One Ninety

In the morning, we enjoyed the abundant breakfast options. Cold options included traditional favorites of smoked salmon and other smoked fish, assorted cheeses, fresh fruits, fruit juices, breads and pastries, and yogurts. Hot buffet items went well beyond the usual Western favorites such as pancakes, waffles, eggs and bacon to include Asian noodles, dumplings, soup, and Indian dishes.

One Ninety Singapore Breakfast Buffet - Hot Buffet and Soup Bar


These were my favorites:

1. Coconut Dosa

I was excited to see these coconut dosa with accompaniments on the buffet, as I rarely go to Indian places in NYC (many of which are surprisingly bad, at least in Manhattan). These were delicate, fragrant from the coconut, and the perfect foil to the spicy toppings I put on them.

One Ninety Singapore Review - Coconut Dosa


2. Dim Sum

One of the hallmarks of quality I look for in well made dim sum, beyond the tastiness of the filling, are thin skins. These dim sum had thin, transluscent wrappers and were better made than most dim sum I've eaten outside of Hong Kong.

One Ninety Singapore Breakfast Buffet - Dim Sum


3. Yogurt Parfaits and Swiss Emmi Yogurt

While I do prefer French La Ferme du Manege yogurt, Swiss Emmi yogurt is a high quality alternative and I enjoyed both the plain yogurt and these yogurt parfaits.

One Ninety Singapore Review - Yogurt, Breakfast Buffet


4. Guava Juice

Granted, the guava juice wasn't as good as the homemade guave juice I helped make in my childhood in Hawaii, but these days I'm ecstactic just to have guava juice as an option.

One Ninety Singapore Review - Breakfast Juices


5. Cheeses 

The cheese selection was excellent, and included a favorite in our family, Taleggio, with deliciously ripe figs, quince paste and other accompaniments alongside.

One Ninety Singapore Breakfast Buffet - Cheeses


6. Noodles

Noodles are a great savory breakfast option, and there were several different kinds offered. I liked these ones, which were a bit like Char Kway Teow, although not quite as rich and heavy (a good thing, since I had already sampled so much).

One Ninety Singapore Review and Menu, Breakfast Noodles


I was so full from the above dishes that I didn't even try the pastries on offer, a rare occurrence given my sweet tooth. 

One Ninety Singapore Breakfast Buffet Pastries


The Verdict: One Ninety at the Four Seasons Singapore offers some delicious Singaporean favorites, even for dinner, off its special Singaporean menu, which I highly recommend. Western dishes were excellent as well, especially the kids' pizza. The breakfast buffet at first glance seemed a bit less extensive than a couple of other Asian breakfast buffets I've experienced, but made up for it in terms of quality. Service was attentive both at dinner and breakfast. 

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