NYC Restaurants: Outdoor Dining Permanent

NYC Restaurants: Outdoor Dining Permanent


NYC Restaurants' Outdoor Dining Will Be Permanent, per Mayor Bill de Blasio announcement on the Brian Leher Show. With over 1700 NYC restaurants and bars already closed due to the pandemic, and indoor dining permitted September 30, 2020 but at only 25% capacity, the continuation of outdoor dining through the fall and winter will be critical for many if not most restaurants' survival, given the low margins inherent in the industry.

NYC Restaurants: Outdoor Dining Permanent


Previously NYC outdoor dining was to end on October 31, 2020 and not return until June 1, 2021. De Blasio has emphasized that restaurants that do need to keep ample outdoor airflow and not enclose the space, for regular seating to apply. If restaurants enclose the outdoor space to better heat it, the same 25% capacity will apply, just as it does for indoor dining.

We're thrilled with outdoor dining becoming permanent in NYC, together with the Open Streets plan, which has closed a number of city blocks to vehicular traffic. Several parts of the city now are reminiscent of European cafe culture, with umbrellas shading outdoor tables. A French bakery cafe near us seems to always have a chic French couple or family sipping their espresso drink while nibbling a pastry. We recently enjoyed delicious Georgian cuisine outdoors at Oda House, on the UES of Manhattan, and look forward to trying other restaurants over the fall and winter. After all, as the Norwegians say, there's no bad weather–only bad clothes.

Open Streets for NYC Restaurants: Outdoor Dining Permanent

If you've dined outside at an NYC restaurant recently, what was your experience?

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