Lufthansa Trials Flat Bed Economy

Lufthansa Trials Flat Bed Economy
Lufthansa's “Sleeper's Row” Economy Flat Bed

Lufthansa is Trialling a “Sleeper's Row” Flat Bed in Economy for its Frankfurt FRA to São Paulo GRU flights through mid-December 2020. If you've ever had an entire row to yourself in Economy Class and used it to stretch out and sleep, this “poor man's business class” concept will be familiar. Lufthansa is improving it, though, with a topper and a Business Class blanket and pillow, and all for a modest cost, given that it's a 12 hour flight. Here are the details:

  • Applies only to Lufthansa's nonstop FRA-GRU flights (LHR 506 and LH 507) until mid-December 2020
  • Passengers flying in Economy Class may have the option at the airport to book an adjacent row of seats – from 3 to 4 seats – to lie down comfortably. The offer includes priority boarding alongside Business Class passengers, as well as a seat topper, and a Business Class quality blanket and pillow
  • Cost: $260 (EUR 220)
  • May only be purchased at the airport during check-in or at the boarding gate, subject to availability.

While it may be possible to nab an entire row in Economy even without paying an upcharge, it's a great move by Lufthansa to guarantee it (avoiding any potential altercations with other passengers also looking to take over the empty seats) as well as a topper and Business Class blanket and pillow, for a modest additional fee. And since it's only available at the airport, Lufthansa isn't forgoing potential revenue from last minute economy class seat ticket sales.

What do you think of Lufthansa's “Sleeper's Row” experiment?

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