Lufthansa Miles and More Pooling: How It Works

Lufthansa Miles and More Miles Pooling


Lufthansa Miles & More Family Pooling Started Earlier This Year, but unfortunately it's only for German residents for now–here's hoping it expands soon to Miles & More members in other countries. The advantage of pooling your miles with family members is that you can more quickly earn enough miles for an award flight, say Lufthansa First Class, instead of having a few miles stranded in each of your individual Miles & More accounts. And this way you don't have to transfer as many SPG/Marriott points to Miles & More.

A German client was kind enough to share these screenshots of how it works in the Miles & More app.

1. Download the Miles & More App

To be able to see the mileage pooling option, it's not enough to log into your account on the Web site; you'll need the Miles & More app.

Lufthansa Miles & More App-Mileage Pooling


2. Click on the “More” Tab to see the Mileage Pooling Option

If you have a German address, after you download the Miles & More App to your device, you can click on the “More” tab in the bottom right to see the Mileage Pooling option. It's after “Book Flight Award” and “WorldShop awards.”

Lufthansa Miles & More-Mileage Pooling


3. Invite a Member to Your Mileage Pool

To invite a new family member to the mileage pool, you'll need to enter the 15 digit Miles & More number.

Lufthansa Miles & More Pooling-Invite New Member


4. The Invited Member Must Accept Via the Miles & More App to Be Added to the Pool

Since it's not as though all young kids have their own phone, it's a little odd to only make Mileage Pooling available via the app, but that's the way it works. If you're signing up one of your kids, who doesn't have his/her own phone, just log out of the app and log back in with your child's Miles & More credentials, in order to accept the Miles & More Pool invitation.

You can sign up a maximum of 2 adults and 5 children to pool Miles & More miles together. Adults are considered 18 and over, so if there are two parents/partners, adult children cannot participate in the pool.

Miles & More Mileage Pooling-Congratulations

Miles & More Mileage Pooling-My Pool

If you're a German Miles & More member, have you set up family pooling?

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5 years ago

I have no mileage pooling button in my miles and more app 🙁