Blacklane: 10X Lufthansa Miles

Blacklane-10X Lufthansa Miles


Book Blacklane and Earn 10X Lufthansa Miles & More Miles for bookings made in September and completed by the end of 2018. Lufthansa miles can be tough to earn, so if you have several airport transfers coming up and the Blacklane cost is similar to what you'd otherwise pay, it could be worth switching to Blacklane to earn a few more miles and book Lufthansa First Class.

I often book Blacklane airport transfers for clients, and even used Blacklane for our recent transfers in Germany and the Czech Republic. In all cases the driver was on-time, polite, and drove safely, with a clean car and no smell of smoke (which can be an issue with some taxis).

Here's the Blacklane Lufthansa offer:

  • In September, Miles & More members earn 10 miles for each EUR/USD/GBP spent with Blacklane
  • The Blacklane rides must be booked in September and take place before December 31, 2018
  • The number of miles earned is calculated on the nominal value of the currency that Blacklane charged for the respective booking.
  • Bookings must be made at least 1 hour ahead of the desired pickup time.
  • Customers credit card will not be charged until after the ride.
  • Miles cannot be earned for canceled bookings, regardless of the cancellation fee.
  • Miles can only be earned for completed rides.
  • No Miles will be credited if a voucher has been used to purchase the trip.
  • Miles can only be credited if the Miles & More membership number is provided to Blacklane during the booking process before the ride takes place.
  • The passenger’s name must match the name on the Miles & More membership profile.

Keep in mind that Blacklane doesn't operate everywhere: it can't be booked in most of the Caribbean, and mainly serves larger cities, although even a few major cities such as Seoul, Korea are not served. You can check Blacklane cities to see if your destination is served.


What Info is Required When Booking Blacklane, to Earn the Lufthansa Miles?

When booking, be sure that it's made in the name of the Lufthansa Miles & More member (use the exact name that is on the Miles & More account) and include the relevant Miles & More membership number.

Blacklane-10X Lufthansa Miles and More Miles


Do the Blacklane Rides Have to Be Taken in September to Earn 10X Lufthansa Miles?

No; the rides just have to be booked in September, 2018, but they can be taken anytime until December 31, 2018 to earn 10X Lufthansa miles.


When Will the Lufthansa Miles Appear in My Account?

Per the offer terms, the miles will be credited within 6-8 weeks of when the ride was completed and fully paid for.


Can I Use a Friend's Voucher Code to Discount the Price Paid, and Still Earn 10X Miles?

No–this is also why I haven't provided my own Blacklane referral code in this post. If you use anyone's referral code, you will NOT earn 10X Lufthansa miles, according to my contact at Blacklane, and per the offer terms “no miles will be credited if a voucher has been used to purchase the trip.” Blacklane takes a more expansive interpretation of the word voucher, which I wouldn't have assumed necessarily meant a referral code, so I'm glad I checked with my contact about this disqualification for 10X earning.

Do you plan to earn 10X Lufthansa miles with any upcoming Blacklane bookings?

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