Review: Lufthansa Senator Lounge New York JFK Terminal 1

Review-Lufthansa Senator Lounge JFK Terminal 1-Bar Seating


This Review of the Lufthansa Senator Lounge JFK, Terminal 1 is part of a new trip report covering JAL First Class and luxury hotels in Tokyo and Southeast Asia. If you're flying a Lufthansa First Class in the afternoon or evening, such that you'll be at the lounge after 2pm, see our Lufthansa First Class Lounge at JFK Review. You can also read all of our airport lounge reviews.

Lufthansa Senator Lounge JFK Airport Location, Access and Hours

The JFK Lufthansa Business Lounge is located at Terminal 1 post-security, on the left hand side. The Senator Lounge is open daily from 10am to 1:45am, and if you meet any of the following criteria, you'll have access. Interestingly, JAL uses the Lufthansa Senator Lounge for its First Class passengers, even though JAL is part of oneworld, not Star Alliance.

  • Lufthansa and Star Alliance First Class passengers with a boarding pass for a same day departing flight
  • Star Alliance Gold members, with a same day boarding pass for a departing Lufthansa or Star Alliance flight
  • Lufthansa and Lufthansa Group (SWISS, Austrian, Brussels Airlines) Premium Economy or Economy passengers who have a valid lounge access voucher (this includes a voucher from the Lufthansa Miles and More card) and hold a boarding pass for a same day departing flight
  • Passengers with a valid Miles & More HON Circle member or Senator card and boarding pass for a same day departing Lufthansa, Star Alliance or codeshare flight.

After checking in with reception, by providing your boarding pass, you're directed upstairs to the Senator Lounge; you can either take the stairs or the elevator, which has a button marked “S” for Senator.

Review-Lufthansa Senator Lounge JFK Terminal 1-Entrance


Lufthansa Senator Lounge JFK Amenities
The Senator Lounge is bright and airy from large windows facing the tarmac, which bathe the lounge in natural light. I'd say the light is the best part of the lounge.
Review-Lufthansa Senator Lounge JFK Terminal 1-View of Tarmac
Aviation enthusiasts will enjoy the view of the tarmac, although during our midday visit it wasn't too exciting, just a view of a Korean Air plane.
Review-Lufthansa Senator Lounge JFK-Tarmac-Korean Air
While there's a fair amount of seating, it was so full in the back of the lounge, which has armchair seating, that I couldn't take photos without getting recognizable shots of fellow passengers, so I refrained. The main part of the lounge with space was in the front, where we sat at one of the tables near the buffet and bar.
Review-Lufthansa Senator Lounge JFK Seating
There's a shower room, and it's the most antiquated part of the lounge. The shower has a regular shower head and a shower curtain.
Review-Lufthansa Senator Lounge JFK Shower Room
There are wall dispensers of shampoo, conditioner and shower gel, and also some smaller amenities, although it was mix and match: Eco shampoo and Salvatore Ferragamo Tuscan Soul conditioner. Perhaps they ran out of the Tuscan Soul shampoo.
Review-Lufthansa Senator Lounge JFK Shower Room-Salvatore Ferragamo Conditioner
The shower hadn't been cleaned up yet from another guest, and I wonder how often it actually gets a thorough cleaning, since the cleaning chart only had one entry for the prior day, and none at all for today or for Thursday.
Review-Lufthansa Senator Lounge JFK Shower Room-Cleaning Log
Lufthansa Senator Lounge Food and Drink

There was a buffet that was good compared to, say, United Clubs and similar domestic U.S. airline lounges, but not by international standards. The menu, just as with the bathroom products, were a mishmash of various items, without any coherency:

Review-Lufthansa Senator Lounge JFK-Breakfast and Lunch Menu


The fruit, such as the watermelon, wasn't very ripe, whereas the cherry tomatoes were wrinkled and overripe. The best part of the salad bar were the marinated mozzarella balls.


I tried a bit of stew, and one piece of meat was fine, but the other was tough and sinewy. The noodles were ok, although lacked flavor.

Review-Lufthansa Senator Lounge JFK Terminal 1-Buffet-Beef Stew and Noodles


My son had some scrambled eggs and bacon, and flavor was ok he said, although the bacon was limp, not crispy. The best part of the hot buffet were the crispy, slightly spiced thick cut fries.

Review-Lufthansa Senator Lounge JFK Terminal 1-Buffet-Bacon-Hard Boiled Eggs-Fries

Review-Lufthansa Senator Lounge JFK Terminal 1-Buffet-Scrambled Eggs


Desserts mainly consisted of M&Ms and other candy–colorful, but not exactly what I'd expect for a decent international lounge.

Review-Lufthansa Senator Lounge JFK-Buffet-Candy


The Verdict

I remember in my consulting days that some of my German colleagues were very focused on keeping Lufthansa Senator status. I can only assume that Lufthansa Senator lounges used to be much better in quality than the JFK one is currently. Even the WiFi, arguably the most important part of any lounge apart from available seating, was quite slow. I was glad we didn't make any special effort to arrive early, and only spent about 45 minutes in the lounge, as it's not worth making extra time for.

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