Have SPG-Marriott Points Transfers to Miles Been Fixed?

Have SPG Marriott Points Transfers to Miles Been Fixed


Update: SPG-Marriott Points transferred successfully to Lufthansa Miles & More in about 24 hours.

SPG-Marriott Points to Miles Transfers Have Been Broken for Many Airlines Since August 18, when the SPG and Marriott Rewards programs integrated (see SPG: Welcome to Marriott Integration Chaos). Since that time, I haven't heard of anyone successfully transferring points to Lufthansa Miles & More, JAL Mileage Bank, ANA Mileage Club or Korean Skypass (although let me know in the comments if you successfully transferred SPG-Marriott points to any of the above programs after August 18).

Instead, while it's been possible to select the above frequent flyer programs, input points and request a transfer, and even receive an on-screen confirmation, points were not debited from your account, nor was any confirmation email sent confirming that the points were on their way to the requested frequent flyer program.

But finally, today, I was able to initiate a transfer to Lufthansa Miles & More and actually have the points debited from the account.

And I also received the following email confirmation, although if you're using Gmail, it may appear under the Promotions tab. It even says that the transfer will take 1 business day, which would be faster than most transfers to Lufthansa under SPG previously, although I'm skeptical that we'll actually have the miles in our Lufthansa account by Tuesday (or Wednesday, given the Labor Day holiday).

Have SPG Marriott Points Transfers to Miles Been Fixed-Confirmation Email


A key thing to note is that because of the 3:1 points to miles ratio , you're likely to experience a shortage of a few miles. For example, our 60,000 points will transfer to 24,998 Lufthansa miles, including the 5000 mile bonus, not the 25,000 miles you would have expected under the prior 20,000 Starpoints = 25,000 frequent flyer miles arrangement.

Fortunately we have a few extra Lufthansa miles in our account that will fill in for these missing miles, but you'll want to take this into account if you don't have a few extra miles already in the program you're transferring to.

That said, there was no transfer activity recorded in the Points to Miles activity page, so that part doesn't seem to be linked up yet.

Have SPG Marriott Points Transfers to Miles Been Fixed-No Activity


Of course, it's one thing to have the points debited and another to actually receive the miles in the frequent flyer account. I'll update this post if/when the miles are actually credited.

If you've tried to transfer points after August 18 from the combined SPG-Marriott Rewards program to a frequent flyer account, what's been your experience?

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5 years ago

I’ve tried several times to transfer from last week to this week. Most of time, I got several errors and failed. Successfully completed only two times, but no activities were recorded and no confirmation E-mail came to me. Quite got nervous due to no confirmation E-mail and I couldn’t see any progress for over one week. First successfully try was 2018/8/27, and I confirmed miles added to my frequent flyer account today, 2018/9/5. Transferred 42000 Marriott point to 14000 miles, but credited 13999 miles on frequent flyer account. Seems transfer system itself is working, but slower than before and still… Read more »