New Hyatt Milestone Rewards

New Hyatt Milestone Rewards


Hyatt Milestone Rewards are Launching March 1, 2019, starting with 2 Club lounge awards after achieving 20 nights or 35,000 base points. Hyatt may be discovering that it needs to do a bit more to engender loyalty, since it's a smaller hotel chain than Marriott/Starwood and Hilton, and it's become harder to maintain top tier elite status with Hyatt after the change from Hyatt Gold Passport to World of Hyatt.

Keep in mind that with World of Hyatt, each dollar of pre-tax spend on a Hyatt hotel earns 5 base points, so the first threshold of 35,000 base points is met after $7000 in spend.

I will say that Hyatt has the most rewarding preferred partner program of the three, Hyatt Prive, since with Hyatt, TravelSort can request a confirmed one category upgrade on your behalf right after booking. The property then confirms, within 24 hours, whether or not this confirmed upgrade can be granted. While during high demand periods it may not be able to be confirmed, and would be subject to availability at time of check-in, I've confirmed many clients into the next category room or suite (must book a suite to be eligible for a confirmed upgrade to the next category suite) shortly after booking.

New Hyatt Milestone Rewards March 2019

Here are the night and points thresholds and benefits:

20 Nights or 35,000 Base Points: 2 Club Lounge Awards

After 20 or more Hyatt tier-qualifying nights at a qualifying rate or earning 35,000 base points in a calendar year, whichever comes first,  a member will earn 2 Club Lounge awards. These can be used to give you club lounge access at Hyatts that have a club lounge, such as Grand Hyatts or Hyatt Regency hotels (most Park Hyatt hotels, apart from the Park Hyatt Melbourne, Park Hyatt Canberra and the Park Hyatt Hamburg, don't have a club lounge).

Note that if you earn or receive Explorist status in January or February 2019, thus earning 4 club access awards, you won't receive any additional club access awards in 2019, regardless of the number of tier-qualifying nights or base points earned.


30 Nights or 50,000 Base Points: Category 1-4 Free Night + 2 Club Lounge Awards

After 30 or more Hyatt tier qualifying nights or 50,000 base points, whichever is earned first, you'll receive a free night award at a category 1-4 hotel (similar to the Hyatt Visa free night) plus two more club lounge awards.


40 Nights or 65,000 Base Points: $100 Hyatt Gift Card or 5000 Hyatt Bonus Points or 10,000 Points Off a FIND Experience

Although you do have a choice of three rewards, this seems like a rather stingy milestone reward, since it's only worth ~$100. I'm guessing most will opt for 5000 Hyatt points, in hopes of redeeming them towards a Hyatt award of more than $100 in value at a Park Hyatt or higher category Hyatt property.


50 Nights or 80,000 Base Points: 2 Suite Upgrades

Note that as with the Club Lounge Access awards, if through World of Hyatt elite status you receive 4 complimentary suite upgrades in January or February 2019, prior to the start of the Milestone Rewards program on March 1, 2019, you'll receive the 4 suite upgrades that go with your Globalist status, but won't receive any additional suite upgrades for the remainder of 2019, regardless of the number nights or base points earned.

The suite upgrade certificates are valid until the end of the calendar year in which they're earned, and are for use in upgrading to Standard Suites (not Premium Suites).


60 Nights or 100,000 Base Points: Category 1-7 Free Night + 2 Suite Upgrades + My Hyatt Concierge Agent

Note that the free night award at a Category 1-7 Hyatt property is only valid for 180 days from date of issuance, the stay must occur prior to the free night award expiration date, and it's subject to standard room availability at the property, so this isn't quite as valuable as one would hope. The additional 2 suite upgrades are also subject to the same restrictions above; if you already earn 4 suite upgrades in Jan.-Feb. 2019 due to Globalist status, you won't earn any additional suite upgrade awards for the remainder of 2019.

The My Hyatt Concierge benefit is valid for the remainder of the calendar year in which it was earned, plus 14 months.


Milestone Rewards for 70 Nights, 80 Nights, 90 Nights, 100 Nights: Bonus Points or Suite Upgrade

For each of these milestones, the member will receive a choice of either 10,000 bonus points or 1 complimentary suite upgrade.

What do you think of the new Hyatt Milestone Rewards?

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