Hyatt Points + Cash Devaluation November 1

Hyatt Points and Cash Devaluation November 1


Hyatt Points + Cash Will Change for the Worse November 1, 2018. To date, Hyatt Points + Cash has been one of the best ways to use Hyatt points (which can be earned on Hyatt hotel bookings, including Hyatt Prive bookings, and also transferred from Chase Ultimate Rewards points). Here's the current chart, effective through tomorrow, October 31, 2018:

Hyatt Points Plus Cash Until Oct 31 2018


As of November 1, Hyatt Points + Cash will require the same amount of points per category, but the cash component will be 50% of the standard room rate:

Hyatt Points Plus Cash New Chart Effective November 1 2018


Example 1: Park Hyatt Paris Vendome

The Park Hyatt Paris often doesn't have Points + Cash rates available, but when it does, it can be a good deal, at 15,000 points + EUR 280 (~$318) compared to a Standard Rate of EUR 850 or a Member Rate of 833. The Points + Cash rate in this example would yield a redemption rate of 4.3 cents per Hyatt point, excellent value, since I value Hyatt points somewhere between ~1.5-1.8 cents per point. It also beats the 3.2 cents per Hyatt point redemption value of an outright 30,000 points free night award.

As of 11/1/18, the Points + Cash rate will increase to 15,000 points + 50% of the standard rate, which in the above example would be 15,000 points + EUR 425 (~$483). That still gives a redemption rate of 3.2 cents per Hyatt point redeemed, but you're no better off redeeming Points + Cash than an outright award, unless you simply don't have enough Hyatt points.

Hyatt Points and Cash Devaluation-Park Hyatt Paris Current Points Plus Cash

Hyatt Points and Cash Devaluation-Park Hyatt Paris Standard Room Rate


Example 2: Park Hyatt Vienna

Moving to the Park Hyatt Vienna, a random date in May 2019 has a standard rate of EUR 490, or ~$557. A free night would be 25,000 points, so 2.2 cents per point redemption value. But under the current Points + Cash chart, it would be 12,500 points + EUR 127 (~$145). That would make each Hyatt point of the 12,500 points component worth ~3.3 cents per point, much better than when redeeming outright for a free night.

As of 11/1/18, that will change, and whether you use a free night or Points + Cash, you'll only be redeeming at 2.2 cents per point in this example.


Other Changes

Book Award Nights in Premium Suites

Also effective Nov. 1, 2018, World of Hyatt members will be able to redeem for a Premium Suite, using twice the number of points required for a standard room award:

Hyatt Points Chart-Premium Suite Award


Upgrade a Room to a Suite or Premium Suite

Currently, you must upgrade to a suite for a minimum of three nights, but effective 11/1/18, you'll be able to upgrade just one night. The cost to upgrade from an eligible paid rate to a Premium Suite will be 9000 points per night, so that could be an attractive option depending on the property and rates.

Hyatt Upgrade with Points to Premium Suite


The Verdict

Hyatt Cash + Points have often been the best way to use Hyatt points, but this devaluation will mean that in most cases, it will be best to either book a paid rate with Hyatt Prive preferred partner benefits, possibly an award night, or use the points towards a Premium Suite upgrade.

Will these World of Hyatt changes to Cash + Points and Premium Suites redemptions affect your future Hyatt stays?

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