Four Seasons Relies on Johns Hopkins for New Health and Safety Program

Four Seasons Relies on Johns Hopkins for New Health and Safety Program

Four Seasons Will Rely on Johns Hopkins for Four Seasons' New Health and Safety Program, Lead with Care. With the changing and fluid COVID-19 situation, hotels are revamping safety protocols to ensure guest and staff safety. Four Seasons is collaborating with Johns Hopkins Medicine International (JHMI) in several areas:

Dedicated COVID-19 Advisory Board

Four Seasons will draw upon Johns Hopkins Medicine International experts to enhance current health and safety procedures. Properties such as the Four Seasons New York, which is currently accommodating doctors and medical workers on the frontlines of NYC's COVID-19 pandemic, have already had to implement wholly new health and safety procedures and retrain staff.


Lead with Care

In the first phase, Review and Validation, Four Seasons and JHMI will undertake a comprehensive review of Four Seasons' existing health and safety procedures and the enhanced protocols that have been followed in response to COVID-19.

In the second phase, Ongoing Guidance, Four Seasons will continue to rely on JHMI experts for critical updates and best practices, and adjust procedures as needed based on the best scientifically grounded guidance.

Each Four Seasons property will have its own Hygiene Officer, responsible for leading the enhancements to cleaning and safety protocols such as:

  • Lead with Care kit in each guest room with masks, hand sanitizer, and sanitizing wipes
  • Rooms disinfected with EPA approved products and blacklight inspection
  • Training staff, including housekeeping, to ensure that the updated Lead with Care procedures are provided in a thoughtful, attentive way that balances guest safety with personal reassurance and comfort
  • Public areas cleaned hourly, with extra attention to frequently trafficked areas such as desk counters and public restrooms
  • Social distancing measures, from contactless check-in and in-room dining to social distancing measures in restaurants and appropriately spaced and sanitized fitness equipment


The entire travel industry is in a new world, with COVID-19, and most of us aren't quite ready to travel too far afield from our homes yet. But it's great to see Four Seasons collaborate with respected medical experts to develop robust and consistent health and safety policies for all their properties worldwide. Most travelers will value and need this type of reassurance, particularly over the short to medium term, prior to effective coronavirus vaccines being widely available.

What kinds of health and safety protocols will you want to ensure are being followed, before staying at a hotel or resort in the future?

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