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5 Comments on "Citi Priority Checking 50K AAdvantage Miles Offer (Targeted)"

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Mark R
If you look at this as “buying” the miles it could be worth it: $30 fee/mo x 5 months = $150 though Citi sometimes waives the fee for 1-2 months P.S.A. Do not park $50k in a 0% acct when one can easily get 2%+ savings (e.g. Ally bank) which is about $80/mo interest “Cost” of $750 on the debit vs a simple 2% credit card (e.g. Citi Dbl Cash) = $15 IRS – 50k miles valued at $0.01 ea (I assume) = $500 @ 25% tax rate = $125. $150 (could be $30 or $60 less) +$15 + $125… Read more »
I would like to point out some incorrect info here – the ebill simply has to be **set up** within 60 days of account opening and then two consecutive calendar months’ worth of payments have to be made. **Both payments do not have to be made within the 60 days from account opening**. For example, I set up my ebill in April (within the first sixty days) and made the first payment in May. My June ebill payment will satisfy the ebill requirement for the bonus, despite posting 65 days after I opened the account. I was on the phone… Read more »