ANA New First Class and New Business Class, 777-300ER

ANA New First Class The Suite and New Business Class The Room

ANA New First Class “The Suite” and ANA New Business Class “The Room” on the 777-300ER will be featured on 12 redesigned 777-300ER, with the first flights on NH211 and NH212, the Tokyo Haneda to London route, starting August 2, 2019. ANA First Class is already one of our favorite airline first class products, in its non-suite form, because it features a comfortable memory foam like mattress pad, great for sleeping. Here are details and photos of the new products.

ANA “The Suite” New First Class, 777-300ER

ANA's new “The Suite” First Class will feature seat cushions by Nishikawa Sangyo, closing suite doors, and a large 43 inch IFE screen with 4K video. Per ANA, the suite, which is the largest on all ANA aircraft, is inspired by luxury Japanese hotels.

ANA The Suite New First Class Cabin, 777-300ER

I haven't seen more about the bedding, but I hope that it's at least as comfortable as the existing First Class, with the memory foam like thick mattress pad mentioned above.

ANA The Suite New First Class, 777
ANA The Suite New First Class Bed, 777

ANA “The Room” New Business Class, 777-300ER

ANA's The Room new business class seat on the 777-300ER will also have its own door, making it one of the most private business class seats, together with Qatar Airways QSuites Business Class.

ANA The Room New Business Class

As with QSuites, there will be forward and rear facing seats, and it will be possible for paired seats in the center of the cabin to lower the privacy partition, when couples or friends are traveling together.

ANA The Room Business Class, 777
ANA The Room Business Class

The Business Class IFE screen will be 24 inches, and be among the first 4K monitors.

ANA New Business Class The Room

These seats appear to be a modification of the Safran (Zodiac) Fusio, similar to Singapore Business Class, which are nice and wide, but which have to be flipped over for sleeping. I hope I'm wrong about this, since I find the Singapore Business Class seats incredibly uncomfortable for sleeping, both because of the weird way you need to angle your body in the seat, and how firm the sleep surface is.

ANA The Room New Business Class Flat Bed, 777-300ER

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