AMEX Platinum Airline Credit: How to Get Delta Gift Cards Reimbursed

AMEX Platinum Airline Credit- How to Get Delta Gift Cards Reimbursed


The AMEX Platinum $200 Airline Credit can be used for Delta gift cards, even though it is supposed to be for incidentals, such as baggage fees, food and drink, or one-day lounge passes, assuming these are processed by the airline and not a third party. But don't attempt to purchase a $200 or even $100 Delta gift card; you won't be reimbursed.

How to Get $200 in Delta Gift Cards Reimbursed With the AMEX Platinum or AMEX Business Platinum

1. Make sure you've selected Delta as your chosen airline. If you have a new AMEX Platinum or AMEX Business Platinum, you can do this after receiving your card; if you're an existing card member, you can only change your airline selection once per year, in January. Go to the AMEX Airline Selection Page and log in with your AMEX credentials.

2. Once you've selected Delta as your airline, on your computer or laptop (but not phone–more on this later) go to the Delta Gift Card page to buy gift cards.

3. Select E-Gift Cards and set $50 as the denomination. You can purchase 4 of them all at once and still get reimbursed, but don't select an amount higher than $50 per gift card, as there haven't been any data points recently of higher denominations getting reimbursed. Go ahead and pay for the gift cards with your AMEX Platinum or AMEX Business Platinum for which you've selected Delta as your airline.

AMEX Platinum Airline Credit- How to Get Airline Gift Cards Reimbursed



How Long Does It Take to See the Reimbursement on My AMEX Statement?

It can take a few days, but typically you'll see the statement credit within 2-3 days.


Why Can't I Use the Delta Gift Cards Right Away?

Delta gift cards can only be used 72 hours after purchasing (this is similar to American Airlines, which also has a 72 hour hold before they can be used), so plan accordingly.


Why Won't I Get Reimbursed if I Buy Delta Gift Cards Using Delta's Mobile Site?

Delta has outsourced Delta mobile site gift card purchases to Cashstar, so the charges aren't processed by Delta. For this reason, you'll want to stick with Delta's desktop site version if you must purchase gift cards via your phone; it's safest to simply use a desktop or laptop computer to buy the gift cards.


How Many Delta Gift Cards May I Use When Purchasing Delta Tickets?

You can use up to 3 Delta gift cards per transaction. Be careful if splitting a round trip into two one ways, since the one way may be significantly more expensive than half the round trip ticket.

Have you been reimbursed for $200 in Delta gift cards using your AMEX Platinum airline credit?

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Lucas Tsao
Lucas Tsao
5 years ago

I purchase delta gift card 2*50, now it is still pending..but instead it’s one $100 pending. Should I cancel it?

5 years ago
Reply to  Lucas Tsao

I did the same and with 4 certs and its showing up as $200 charge. Will this still go through?

5 years ago

Thanks Hilary! In fact 4 seperate $50 charged just posted yesterday. No reimbursement yet, but I’ll send an update in a few days. Thanks again!