AMEX Offers: $25 Cash Back on $500 Purchases

AMEX Offers: 5% Cash Back on $500 Purchases


AMEX Offers Has a $25 Cash Back on $500+ purchases offer targeted to some card members–great for any large purchases over the coming months. I received it on my AMEX Blue Business Plus card which is one of my most used cards, since it earns 2X Membership Rewards points on all spend, with no annual fee.

I'm not sure why people still carry the AMEX Platinum card these days, given the high annual fee and the way it's outdone by the Chase Sapphire Reserve. The CSR is better for points earning (3X on all travel and dining; the Chase Sapphire Reserve earns 3X on groceries through April 2021 as well), with better trip cancellation insurance (see AMEX Trip Cancellation Insurance: Chase Sapphire Still Better) and the CSR's $300 travel credit is so much easier to use than the AMEX Platinum's $200 airline incidental fee credit. All the AMEX Fine Hotels & Resorts benefits are easily replicated by reserving luxury hotels as a TravelSort client, with Virtuoso or preferred partner benefits (see a list of TravelSort's Preferred Partner Luxury Hotel Programs) so really, the main unique benefit afforded by the Platinum card is the access to AMEX Centurion Lounges. And let's be honest: how attractive is this benefit even as the world starts to recover from a global pandemic? Even the most ardent travelers, at least that we know, aren't keen to spend much time in airline lounges these days. Then again, if you're targeted for the 100K AMEX Business Platinum offer, it makes sense to earn the bonus and hold the card for a year before cancelling it.

But back to the topic; here are the offer details for the $25 statement credit offer:

  • Earn $25 statement credit by using your enrolled AMEX to spend a minimum of $500+ in a single eligible transaction.
  • Must be charged by a U.S. merchant
  • Deadline: June 30, 2021
  • Limit of 10 statement credits, total of $250


Maximizing the Offer

If you have multiple AMEX cards targeted for this offer, we recommend adding it to the card that will earn you the most points. In our case, it's our AMEX Blue Business Plus since it earns 2X points on all spend.

If your spouse or partner was also targeted, and the purchase is $1000 or more, you could split it between the two cards so that you each earn the $25 statement credit.

While I never make travel reservations with this card, since I prefer to have to use my Chase Sapphire Reserve in order to receive trip cancellation and trip interruption protection and 3X points, it will be worth putting $500 worth of final hotel bills on my enrolled AMEX Blue for Business card to earn the $25 statement credit. I value both Chase Ultimate Rewards points and AMEX Membership Rewards points at ~2 cents per point, so I'm giving up 500 points (the difference between the 1500 Ultimate Rewards points I would have earned vs. the 1000 AMEX Membership Rewards points I'll actually earn), worth $10, but instead getting a $25 statement credit, so $15 better off.

If you were targeted for this AMEX Offer, how do you plan to use it?

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