United Mileage Pooling

United Mileage Pooling


United Mileage Pooling is now available to family members and friends who wish to pool miles for award redemption. This is especially good news for families with kids or groups of friends with a few who have earned a small number of miles that would otherwise be orphaned miles, since these can be contributed to the mileage pool and redeemed sooner towards an award.

Several other frequent flyer programs such as JetBlue TrueBlue, British Airways Avios, Lufthansa Miles & More allow mileage pooling. Keep in mind that with United MileagePlus, the miles can only be redeemed on United and United Express flights; they can't be used to book Star Alliance awards.

Once you've clicked the link above and signed in, you'll be able to create a pool and invite members, deciding whether the member is able to redeem miles or not from the pool. Each invited members will need to accept the invitation and agree to the terms.

United Mileage Pooling: Pool Formation
United Mileage Pooling: Pool Leadership
United Mileage Pooling: Understanding Pool Mileage


Here are some of the most popular questions:

United Mileage Pooling FAQ

Can a Person Be a Member of More Than One Mileage Pool?

No, it's only possible to be a member of one pool at a time.

Can Children Be Part of a United Mileage Pool?

Yes, anyone with a MileagePlus account can join an existing pool, and there is no age requirement for MileagePlus membership.


How Soon Can Miles Be Contributed and Used After Creating a Mileage Pool?

For the pool leader, miles can be contributed as soon as the pool is created. All pool members have to wait 72 hours after joining a pool until they can use pooled miles or contribute miles to the pool. After transferring miles into the pool, all members of the pool, including the pool leader, will have to wait 24 hours before the miles are available to use for booking flights.


What Can Pooled United Miles Be Used For?

Pooled miles can be used to book United or United Express award tickets only. Pooled miles cannot be used to purchase upgrades, seat assignments, onboard food and beverages, inflight Wi-Fi access or anything else.


Can the Mileage Pool Redeem an Award for Someone Not Part of the Mileage Pool?

Yes, just as with regular MileagePlus accounts, the pool leader and anyone given redemption privileges can redeem miles for someone else.


Can a Pool Member Remove a Member from the Mileage Pool?

No, members of a miles pool cannot be removed from the pool after they have been invited and joined. Members can only leave a pool if they choose to do so, or if the pool is dissolved.

See the complete Mileage Pooling FAQ and Mileage Pool Terms.

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