United Polaris Business Class Review, 777-300

United Polaris Business Class Review, 777-300


This United Polaris Business Class Review on a 777-300 is from a Honolulu HNL to San Francisco SFO red eye flight.


United Polaris Cabin, 777-300 and Seat Selection

United has several Polaris configurations, but the internationally configured 777-300ER aircraft all have 60 business class seats in a 1-2-1 configuration across 18 rows in two cabins, where each seat has direct aisle access. Solo travelers are likely to prefer A and L window seats in rows 3, 5, 11, 15, and 17 in the front Polaris cabin, as these seats are closest to the window and thus a bit more protected from aisle traffic. Most travelers will want to avoid row 7 on the 777-300ER as it's near the light and noise of the galley, which could disturb sleep.

Couples may prefer D and G seats also in odd numbered rows, as these seats are closest together, for ease of talking, and also more protected from aisle traffic than the seats in even numbered rows, which are closer to the aisle.

United Polaris Business Class Cabin, 777-300ER


United Polaris Business Class Seat, 777-200

The Polaris seat on United's international 777-200 is 22 inches wide. On each seat was a zippered case containing a Saks Fifth Avenue pillow and duvet, apparently made from recycled plastic bottles.

United Polaris Business Class Seat with Saks Fifth Avenue Bedding
United Polaris Business Class Saks Fifth Avenue Bedding Made from Recycled Plastic Bottles


There was also an amenity kit with the basics: sleep mask, dental kit, earplugs, hand and body lotion, and lip balm.

United Polaris Business Class Amenity Kit


The tray table is located under the IFE screen, and below that is the footwell, with an ottoman that joins with the reclined seat to form the bed.

United Polaris Business Class IFE Screen


There's a good amount of small item storage space around the seat, including in the latched storage compartment above the power outlet and headset jack. There's a convenient mirror on the inside of the door. Unlike on a prior United Polaris flight, there was no bottled water inside the compartment, so it was a good thing I'd brought my own.

United Polaris Business Class Storage Compartment, Headphones


There's also a small uncovered space for a phone or similar size item next to the seat, by the safety card.

United Polaris Business Class Small Storage Compartment


United Polaris Business Class Food and Drink on the Red Eye

Prior to take-off we were offered pre-flight drinks: a choice of water or champagne. I chose water.

United Polaris Business Class Pre-Flight Drink Service
United Polaris Business Class Pre-Flight Drink: Water


Given that the flight departed at 11:30pm, I was surprised that there was a late dinner service, instead of early morning breakfast. I asked if it was possible to save my meal and have it for breakfast, but no, if I wanted the hot dish (chicken katsu) then the only option was to have it during the meal service. The chicken katsu was ok, but overall the meal was somewhat greasy and starchy (rice with the chicken katsu, and also, inexplicably, in another side dish, plus a cake that I didn't have), and very short on vegetables (a couple limp pieces of broccoli). Not impressed. I would have preferred a light but high quality breakfast of fresh fruit, fresh squeezed juice, yogurt and granola right before landing.

United Polaris Business Class Red Eye Meal


United Polaris Flat Bed and Sleep Quality

Generally I find business class beds too firm, so I brought my inflatable Thermarest mattress pad with me and used it to make the bed far more comfortable, especially when adding the duvet and lying on top of both. I managed nearly 4 hours of sleep on the 5 hour flight.

United Polaris Business Class Flat Bed


The Verdict

I dislike red eye flights, but given my meeting schedule it was a necessity. For purposes of this review I tried the late night dinner, but the quality was so low I wouldn't bother with it; getting more sleep is a far better use of time. The flight crew was pleasant and the hard product is good for domestic U.S. business class, especially in the window seat closest to the window.

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