The Private Island for Water Lovers and Land Lovers: Can You Guess the Resort?

Private Island-Guess Resort


This Private Island is for Water Lovers and Land Lovers Alike. Can You Guess the Resort based on the clues and photos below? Also see our other challenge, Tropical Treasure: Can You Guess the Resort, which no one has guessed yet in the comments.

Sometimes one half of a couple or family is reluctant to go to a beach destination–perhaps s/he doesn't like diving or snorkeling or even being out on the water that much, and as gorgeous as the water views are, the worry is that there won't be enough to do. On this private island, there are plenty of land activities to keep busy with.

Take tennis–while some other beach resorts offer tennis, you'd be hard pressed to find one with a covered roof and fans, making it possible to play tennis in the middle of the day without getting sun burned. There's even a tennis pro available for coaching.

Private Island Guess the Resort-Tennis


Just next to it is squash, a rarity in any resort–the only other resort we've been to with squash was The Lodhi, in New Delhi.

Private Island Guess the Resort-Squash


There's also volleyball and ping pong:

Private Island Guess the Resort-Volleyball-Ping Pong


A climbing wall is also available:

Private Island Guess the Resort-Climbing Wall


And there's even golf, which guests from some of the other resorts will charter a boat to come over to this private island to play:

Private Island-Guess the Resort-Golf Course


My son was a fan of basketball:

Private Island-Guess the Resort-Basketball


And he especially loved playing pool with my husband:

Private Island-Guess the Resort-Pool Table


And after all that strenuous activity, the Spa, which is off of its own jetty, is the perfect place to unwind. Even if you haven't booked a treatment, you're welcome to enjoy the Spa's facilities, such as the whirlpool and sauna.

Private Island-Guess the Resort-Spa Pool


And believe it or not, there's even a snow room:

Private Island-Guess the Resort-Snow Room


Of course, there's a dive center and water sports, with kayaks, stand up paddles, and a variety of the latest water toys for guest use, or guests staying in water villas can simply jump into the ocean and start snorkeling. Don't miss seeing the sting rays at dusk:

Private Island-Guess the Resort-Sting Rays


We were able to stay in both a water villa and beach villa, and all villas here have their own private infinity pool to gaze out at the ocean from.

Here's the water villa pool:

Private Island-Guess the Resort-Water Villa Pool


The soaking tub in the water villa is round and big enough for two:

Private Island-Guess the Resort-Water Villa Bath Tub


The Beach Villa is no slouch either, with its own infinity pool and direct access to the white sand beach, plus both sun beds and day beds for lounging:

Private Island-Guess the Resort-Beach Villa Pool


Dining is a treat, with all kinds of delicacies awaiting you at breakfast, from sushi to smoked salmon to Asian and local dishes to Swiss yogurts, fresh baked pastries, and a bountiful array of fresh fruits:

Private Island Guess the Resort-Breakfast Buffet-Fruit


You can also order egg dishes, pancakes, and waffles a la carte. One of our favorites was avocado toast on multi-grain bread with a perfectly poached egg on top:

Private Island Guess the Resort-Breakfast-Avocado Toast with Egg


On our first evening, I enjoyed one of the best bowls of laksa I've had anywhere, including in Singapore. That's thanks to the fact that the resort has chefs from many countries, including Malaysia, Japan, India, Sri Lanka, Italy, France and Vietnam.

Private Island Guess the Resort-Laksa


On our last evening we enjoyed a sublime tasting dinner that included this superb seared tuna as one of its courses:

Private Island-Guess the Resort-Tasting Dinner


We also took a cooking class and learned to make authentic Indian Butter Chicken–with the chance to taste the results afterwards (which were of course the chef's results, not ours–that will take a good deal of practice on our part!) This was easily the best version of this dish we've ever enjoyed.

Private Island-Guess the Resort-Butter Chicken


Each evening, mignardises, such as these mini chocolate tarts with caramelized popcorn, were placed in our villa as a sweet treat to end the day:

Private Island Guess the Resort-Sweet Treats at Night


Oenophiles aren't neglected either–this resort has an extensive collection and its own trained sommelier who can conduct special wine tastings.

Private Island Guess the Resort-Wine Tasting Room


Let's wrap up with a sunset photo:

Private Island-Guess the Resort-Sunset


So…can you guess the private island?

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5 years ago

Looks like Maldives

Harsh Lakhani
Harsh Lakhani
5 years ago

Velaa private Island

Harsh Lakhani
Harsh Lakhani
5 years ago

Not me but cousin sister went there for her honeymoon.

5 years ago