Paradise! Can You Guess the Place?

Paradise! Can You Guess the Place?

Welcome to Paradise! Can you guess the place and the resort? I'm currently doing a site inspection at a resort my clients love for honeymoon and anniversary trips, but increasingly families are asking about it too. It's no wonder it appeals to so many, with its warm, tropical weather and gorgeous views such as the one above. Since we happen to also be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary, the resort was kind to upgrade us to a bungalow with one of the most iconic views:

Overwater Bungalow with Pool and a View


We also enjoyed the amazing anniversary welcome amenity, especially the sublime passion fruit chocolate cake:

Anniversary Welcome Amenity


It would be easy to simply enjoy the white sand beach, relaxing under an umbrella and gaze at the unreal blue of the water:

White Sand Beach in Paradise


But for those more action inclined, a host of water sports await, from snorkeling and scuba diving (more on these in future posts) to sailing, jetskiing, wakeboarding, or kayaking the gorgeous lagoon:



But even if you only want to wade into the water, it's so clear you can see fish without even getting your head wet:

Clear Water and Fish


After all that activity, there's nothing like some fresh coconut–we even learned how to open one:

Opening a Fresh Coconut


Being jetlagged and waking up early has a bonus: enjoying a beautiful sunrise from your deck:

Sunrise from Our Deck


And you won't want to miss breakfast, particularly not the fantastic rich dark hot chocolate:

Dark, Rich Hot Chocolate at Breakfast


Or the fresh baked madeleines and financiers that go perfectly with it:

Fresh Madeleines and Financiers at Breakfast


Can you guess this stunning place? And have you stayed there?

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