Review: Tartine Manufactory San Francisco

Review: Tartine Manufactory San Francisco


Tartine Manufactory in San Francisco opened nearly 5 years ago in 2016, a natural outgrowth of the ridiculously popular Tartine Bakery, where lines regularly extend down the block. For anyone too impatient to wait until they get home (or back to a hotel room) to sample their Tartine goodies, Tartine Manufactory is an excellent bet–if you remember to reserve it in advance, particularly for weekend brunch.

Tartine Manufactory, 595 Alabama Street, San Francisco


Tartine Manufactory Location and Hours

Tartine Manufactory is located at 595 Alabama Street in the Mission, about a 15 minute walk east from the original Tartine Bakery at 18th and Guerrero. With such amazing pastries courtesy of Tartine founder Elizabeth Prueitt, breakfast and brunch is a natural time to visit Tartine. Breakfast items, including breakfast sandwiches, omelet, french toast, and yogurt, are served 8-11am daily. Those who prefer more savory items will want to instead visit 11am-4pm, when pizzas and sandwiches are served. Either way, reserve outdoor seating at Tartine Manufactory online well in advance for Saturdays and Sundays.

Tartine Manufactory Outdoor Seating


Tartine Manufactory Brunch Menu and Food

We made our Sunday 9am reservation a couple weeks in advance. When we arrived, we were welcome, promptly shown our outdoor table, and shown the QR code that can be used to both view the menu by phone, and also order and pay by credit card (staff are also happy to take the order in person).

Tartine Manufactory Menu
Tartine Manufactory Brunch Menu
Tartine Manufactory Pastries


The first of our items to come out were our morning buns and bread pudding. While it's hard to pick favorites when it comes to Tartine's pastries, we highly, highly recommend the morning buns. Not only are they just the right balance between crispy and gooey, the orange zest provides just the right counterpoint to the sweetness. They're rich, however, so since we were sampling other things, we split one among the three of us, saving the other one to take away.

Morning Bun, Tartine Manufactory Review


I remembered the bread pudding from Tartine Bakery, and it was every bit as good as I remembered. While bananas aren't my favorite fruit, and I'd have quite liked some pluot, say from Frog Hollow, the bananas did go very well with the caramel and chocolate.

Bread Pudding, Tartine Manufactory Review


Next to arrive was my husband's Breakfast Sandwich, to which we added avocado and bacon. I tried a bite, a welcome bit of savory in all the sweetness. It was delicious, although I will say the bacon could have been crispier and the sandwich seemed a bit pricey for what it was.

Breakfast Sandwich, Tartine Manufactory Review


My son's French Toast was a generous serving, and came already doused in maple syrup. Again, delicious, especially with the dusting of pistachios. I would love to have had even more pistachios atop it, perhaps with some strawberries or other fruit that goes well with pistachios.

French Toast, Tartine Manufactory Review


I thought the kitchen might have forgotten the yogurt, but it did come out at last, and was well worth waiting for. I can't remember when I've had yogurt this good, and it was nicely complemented by the homemade granola (which came in large hunks, artistic for the photo, but best crumbled by hand over the yogurt) and perfectly ripe strawberries, as well as honey.

Yogurt and Granola, Tartine Manufactory Review


The Verdict

It's always a danger to go to a new branch of a much loved eatery, as there's so much potential to come away disappointed. The restaurant industry is brutal, with thin margins, and there's often the temptation to reduce quality in a bid to cut costs. Fortunately, Tartine Manufactory, at least on our recent breakfast visit, didn't disappoint. The morning buns are still the best we've ever tried, the bread pudding was just as delicious as I remembered, the housemade yogurt and granola with perfectly ripe strawberries and honey was superb, and my husband and son loved their respective breakfast sandwich and french toast dishes. Service was friendly and on point; the only slight knock was that a staffer forgot to bring us a pastry box we requested for our leftover pastries. But given how busy Tartine is, it's hard to fault the restaurant too much for that. But if wanting to enjoy weekend breakfast or brunch at Tartine Manufactory, just be sure to reserve online well in advance.

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