Review: JAL Sakura Lounge, Tokyo NRT

Lounge Review-JAL Business Class Lounge


This JAL Sakura Lounge Tokyo NRT Review is from our recent 2018 visit prior to a Tokyo to Manila JAL Business Class flight. Flying JAL? See all our posts tagged Japan Airlines.

JAL Sakura Lounge Tokyo NRT Access Policy

The following passengers have access to JAL's Business Class Lounge, called the Sakura Lounge, in Tokyo Narita:

  • JAL Business Class and First Class passengers
  • JAL Premium Economy passengers (except those who upgrade at the airport)
  • JAL Economy passengers on a flexible Y fare, except for flights to Korea and Guam
  • JAL Mileage Bank Diamond and Sapphire frequent flyer elites (may enter with 1 companion)
  • JGC Premier members (may enter with 1 companion)
  • JAL Global Club members (may enter with 1 companion)
  • oneworld Emerald and Sapphire elite members traveling on a oneworld flight (may enter with 1 companion, also traveling on a oneworld flight)

JAL Sakura Lounge Tokyo NRT Entrance


Here's my JAL Sakura Lounge YouTube Video Review:


JAL Sakura Lounge Tokyo NRT Location and Hours

The JAL Sakura Lounge is located airside, after security, on the 3rd floor. The main reception in front of you after you enter is for the Sakura Lounge; if you're flying first class and have access to the JAL First Class Lounge, that is to your left. The Sakura Lounge is open from 7:30am-10pm daily.

Review-JAL Sakura Lounge Tokyo NRT Reception


JAL Sakura Lounge Tokyo NRT Amenities

The JAL Sakura Lounge has an upstairs dining area (more on food and drink options below) and a curved staircase down to the main seating areas.

Behind the staircase on the lower level are the shower rooms, although on all three of the occasions I've been to the lounge, all shower rooms were occupied and there was a 45 or more minute wait time–so don't count on a shower.

Lounge Review-JAL Business Class Lounge Tokyo NRT Staircase

JAL Business Class Lounge Tokyo-Shower Rooms Occupied


There used to be a massage benefit, but that was axed in late 2017 and instead, there are 4 high tech massage chairs. Not a huge loss, since frankly I didn't think the massage was that good when I previously had one. I tried one of the massage chairs, and while it had many more settings and could tilt your entire body back, I didn't find the massage itself any better than in my local nail salon's pedicure chair.

Lounge Review-JAL Business Class Lounge Tokyo NRT Massage Chair Room

Lounge Review-JAL Business Class Lounge Tokyo NRT Massage Chair


There are lockers, so that you don't have to keep your carry-on bags with you at all times.

JAL Business Class Lounge Tokyo-Lockers


There's a small kids' play room, although mainly it's used for kids to watch videos. There's also a business center, which was quite empty, and a smoking room.

Lounge Review-JAL Business Class Lounge Tokyo NRT Business Center

Lounge Review-JAL Business Class Lounge-Smoking Room


There's also a bed for naps, although you'll need to see one of the lounge staff for clean sheets.

Lounge Review-JAL Business Class Tokyo NRT Lounge Bed


There are good views of the tarmac as well.

Lounge Review-JAL Business Class Lounge Tokyo NRT View of Tarmac


WiFi was decent, and I liked that there were power outlets on the edges of many of the tables:

Review-JAL Sakura Lounge Tokyo NRT-Power Outlets


JAL Sakura Lounge Tokyo NRT Food and Drink

I haven't been impressed by the JAL Sakura Lounge food on any of my visits. The upstairs area was extremely crowded this visit, and there was a line for the mediocre food.

Review-JAL Sakura Lounge Tokyo NRT-Dining Area


There was rice of course, as well as Japanese style curry and stewed vegetables, as well as Japanese pickles and miso soup.

Review-JAL Sakura Lounge Tokyo NRT-Rice

Review-JAL Sakura Lounge Tokyo NRT-Curry

Review-JAL Sakura Lounge Tokyo NRT-Vegetables

Review-JAL Sakura Lounge Tokyo NRT-Japanese Pickles

Lounge Review-JAL Business Class Lounge Tokyo NRT-Miso Soup


Probably the best items were at the salad bar, and in the Maison Kayser bread and pastry case.

Lounge Review-JAL Business Class Lounge Tokyo NRT Salad Bar

Lounge Review-JAL Business Class Lounge Food Tokyo NRT-Pastries


Drinks included beer, juice, spirits and wine.

Lounge Review-JAL Business Class Lounge Tokyo NRT-Beer Dispenser

Lounge Review-JAL Business Class Lounge Tokyo NRT Wines

Lounge Review-JAL Business Class Lounge Tokyo NRT-Liquor

Lounge Review-JAL Business Class Lounge Tokyo NRT-Juices


The Verdict

The JAL Sakura Lounge in Tokyo Narita's Main Terminal is large, with many different seating areas. That's a good thing, since even with all the space, the lounge is very crowded. That also manifests itself in the always occupied shower rooms, which, over 3 different visits, I've never managed to get into. So don't count on being able to take a shower at the lounge–take one at your hotel before you leave for the airport.

Another disappointment with the Sakura Lounge is its food. Fortunately, having had great lunches that day at Sushi Sawada and Kyubey, we weren't hungry. The available food was very low quality for an international business class lounge, with rice, an unappetizing curry, vegetable stew, miso soup, and Japanese pickles. Easily the best food options were the salad bar and the bread from Maison Kayser.

Massages are no longer offered, but that's not a great loss since I never found them very good and it entailed a long wait. Instead, the lounge has 4 high-tech massage chairs, near the spa and shower room area.

Overall, I wouldn't get to Tokyo Narita early for purposes of visiting the Sakura Lounge (or even the First Class Lounge)–it's a decidedly mediocre experience.

If you've visited the JAL Sakura Lounge recently, what's your take?

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