Review: Bite into Maine Lobster Rolls, Fort Williams

Review: Bite into Maine Lobster Rolls, Fort Williams

This Bite into Maine Review is for the Fort Williams food truck location in Cape Elizabeth, the original Bite into Maine location founded in 2011 by Karl and Sarah Sutton. There are two other Bite into Maine Locations located in Portland (Allagash Brewing Co.) and Scarborough (The Commissary).

Fort Williams is also where the Portland Head Lighthouse is, and the ocean views on a clear day are beautiful.

Portland Head Lighthouse, Fort Williams, Cape Elizabeth, Maine


Bite into Maine Fort Williams Location and Hours

The Original Bite into Maine Fort Williams food truck is located in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, about a 20 minute drive from Portland Airport, and about a 10-14 minute drive from Inn by the Sea, in Cape Elizabeth. The food truck is open most days from 11am-6pm.

Off to the right of the green umbrella is where the line for ordering is, with markings in the pavement to socially distance. Payment is taken via credit card, and Bite into Maine qualifies for the AMEX Shop Small Credit ($5 off purchases of $10 or more, until 9/20/20).

You're given a number for your order. Although we got there early, around 11:45am, our wait was around 20 minutes, since there were several orders in front of ours, and everything is freshly made to order.


Bite into Maine Fort Williams Menu and Lobster Rolls

The Bite into Maine Fort Williams location has a more abbreviated menu than its sister location in Scarborough, The Commissary, since the original Fort Williams food truck is short on space. The 6 types of lobster rolls are available, along with a Caprese sandwich, Grilled Cheese sandwich, and a special, the Pulled Pork sandwich. Chips, potato salad and coleslaw were also available, along with bottled water, soft drinks, and whoopie pie or ice cream for dessert, but that was it.

Bite into Maine Fort Williams Food Truck Menu


Lobster rolls come in either a 4.5 oz. or 6 oz. version; we opted to share two large 6 oz. lobster rolls, one of them a Connecticut, with only warm butter on top, and the other a Wasabi, with the lobster meat mixed with wasabi mayo. All flavored mayo is made in-house.

I thought we might prefer the traditional nature of the Connecticut, but while it was certainly delectable, and showed off the fresh sweetness of the lobster meat, my husband and I actually preferred the Wasabi. There was just enough kick to take the lobster roll to another level, without overpowering the lobster. We loved how much lobster there was for the 6 oz. roll (we'd gotten the larger roll as we prefer a higher ratio of lobster to bread) and would recommend the larger roll.

Connecticut Lobster Roll, Bite into Maine Review
Connecticut Lobster Roll, Bite into Maine
Wasabi Lobster Roll, Bite into Maine Review
Wasabi Lobster Roll, Bite into Maine


The Verdict

We've tried quite a few lobster rolls while in Maine, from lobster pounds to upscale restaurants, and hands down, Bite into Maine's lobster rolls at the Fort Williams food truck location were the best. My husband and I particularly loved the zing of the Wasabi Lobster Roll, which had just the right amount of wasabi to complement the sweet lobster meat, without overpowering it. On a beautiful sunny day, it's hard to beat this location given the scenic setting and views. Just come early and/or or on a weekday to avoid a potential long wait.

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