Maine: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut Visitors Exempt from 14-Day Quarantine

Maine: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut Visitors Exempt from 14-Day Quarantine


Maine Will Exempt New York, New Jersey and Connecticut Visitors from Maine's 14-day quarantine, effective July 3, 2020, adding these states to Maine's existing travel bubble for visitors from New Hampshire and Vermont.

Similarly, Maine residents can travel to the above 5 states and return to Maine without being subject to a 14-day quarantine at home, per the Maine COVID-19 update page.

Visitors from all other states will still need to sign the Keep Maine Healthy Certificate of Compliance attesting that they have received a negative COVID-19 test result (which the hotel or accommodation may ask for), will quarantine at the lodging in question, or have already completed a 14-day quarantine in Maine.

Maine is one of the nicer places in the contiguous U.S. to be right now, for those who enjoy beautiful ocean views, water sports such as surfing, paddle boarding and boogie boarding, hiking (don't miss Acadia National Park) and bicycling. We recently conducted site inspections at two Virtuoso properties, Inn by the Sea in Cape Elizabeth and the Cliff House in Ogunquit, and both are well worth a stay.



Are Visitors from Massachusetts or Other Nearby States Exempt from Maine's 14-Day Quarantine?

No, as of July 3, 2020, only visitors from the states of Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut are exempt from the 14-day quarantine requirements and do not need to be tested.

Visitors from all other states must have recently received a negative COVID-19 result to avoid the 14-day quarantine.


How Recently Must Visitors from Other States Have Received a Negative COVID-19 Test?

The negative PCR test must have been collected no more than 72 hours prior to arriving in Maine.


Are Antibody Tests Accepted to Avoid the Quarantine?

No; only negative PCR test results are accepted in order to avoid the quarantine. If the PCR test is conducted in Maine, visitors and returning Maine residents must quarantine while awaiting the results.


Any readers from the Tri-State area considering a stay in Maine, now that they aren't required to quarantine or to test?

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