Review: ANA The Suite New First Class

Review: ANA The Suite New First Class, 777-300ER
ANA The Suite New First Class

This ANA The Suite Review of ANA's New First Class is my husband's, from his flight earlier this year from New York JFK to Tokyo Haneda. See all of our Airline First Class Reviews, or if planning a future trip to Japan, our posts tagged Japan.


ANA The Suite New First Class Cabin

I had an afternoon departure, and my seat was 2K, by the window. There was a 1-2-1 configuration, with just 2 rows. I was in a completely empty cabin. I was the only passenger in The Suites cabin. I was greeted by name at the door of the plane and welcomed aboard. The flight attendant asked me for my choice of champagne, water or orange juice. I was also offered a tray containing eye masks, toothbrushes, etc.

Review: ANA The Suite New First Class
ANA The Suite New First Class


ANA The Suite New First Class Seat
ANA's The Suite seat is astonishingly comfortable even in its upright position for take-off and landing. For my tall and thin frame, it is hands-down the most comfortable First Class seat I have ever experienced.

Review: ANA The Suite, Seat
ANA The Suite: Seat


Here's our ANA The Suite YouTube Video Review:


There is no contouring, which invariably seems designed for someone half my size, and the seat was somehow perfectly soft and perfectly firm at the same time. The leg-room is fantastic.

ANA The Suite Review: Seat Width and Leg Room
ANA The Suite: Seat Width and Leg Room


There are sliding doors that may closed after take-off, transforming the space into a small, private compartment (although the flight attendants can still see over the doors).

ANA The Suite Review: Sliding Suite Doors
ANA The Suite: Sliding Suite Doors


The seat controls were very intuitive and easy to use.

ANA The Suite Review: Seat Controls
ANA The Suite: Seat Controls


There is a convenient reading light.

Review: ANA The Suite Reading Light
Reading Light, ANA The Suite

Also to the left of the seat at close to eye level was a vertical space for menus or iPhones.  Perfect. 

ANA The Suite: Shelf
ANA The Suite: Holder for Menus, Amenities

There are handy storage compartments to the right along floor, and also to the left by screen. 


ANA First Class Service
Service was good— I was the only passenger in The Suites First Class.  I was surprised the flight crew were not wearing gloves, but they did wear masks at all times. I also tried to wear a mask whenever interacting with a crew member.  


ANA First Class Menu and Food

There was a choice of a Japanese multi-course menu or an International menu.

Japanese Menu, ANA The Suite First Class Review
Japanese Menu, ANA The Suite First Class Review
International Menu, ANA The Suite First Class Review
International Menu, ANA The Suite First Class Review
Light Dishes Menu, ANA The Suite Review


Before dinner service, a warm hand towel was brought. The amuse bouche was spectacular: apricot and goat cheese, rosette of smoked salmon, mushroom duxelles, and a crunchy cheese pepper bar.

Amuse Bouche, ANA The Suite Review
Amuse Bouche Quartet, ANA The Suite

The wine I chose to go with my dinner, a Noria Chardonnay was fantastic. 

Chardonnay, ANA The Suite Review
Chardonnay, ANA The Suite

The corn soup was mediocre.

Corn Soup, ANA The Suite Review
Corn Soup

The garden salad was also just ok, although very fresh.

Salad, ANA The Suite First Class Review
Salad, ANA

Somehow, the flight attendant made a mistake, and brought the cheese plate next, which was supposed to be last. I did not complain. It was excellent! Humboldt fog, aged cheddar, brie, and a delicious goat cheese called Dream Weaver.

Cheese Plate, ANA The Suite Review
Cheese Plate


For my main course I chose the sautéed Chilean sea bass with raisin and brown butter sauce. Often fish on airplanes is overcooked and dry, but this was perfectly cooked and fantastic.

Chilean Sea Bass, ANA The Suite Review
Chilean Sea Bass

I had already eaten the cheese course, and by now I was pretty full, so I skipped dessert.

For my pre-arrival meal before landing in Tokyo, I chose the Grilled Amberjack with Saikyo Miso and Japanese udon noodles, with deep-fried tofu, which was delicious.

Grilled Amberjack, ANA The Suite Review
Grilled Amberjack, ANA The Suite
Udon, ANA The Suite Review


ANA First Class Flatbed and Amenities

Promptly after dinner, the flight attendant asked if I would like her to make up the seat across the aisle from mine as a flatbed for sleeping. Of course I said yes, as I love it when there are other open compartments in First Class, so it’s possible to retain compartment for sitting, work, and watching movies, etc, and have another one for sleeping.

The flatbed was wonderful, especially with the two thermarest mattress pads I had brought with me. It was the best sleep I ever had on a plane.  It was long enough (barely), but it was certainly wide enough.  I was given several pillows, and slept like a baby. 

ANA The Suite Flat Bed Review
ANA The Suite Flat Bed
ANA The Suite Flat Bed
ANA The Suite Flat Bed


Pajamas, slippers, and an amenity kit with The Ginza (by Shiseido) skincare products had all been provided at the seat, after boarding.

ANA The Suite First Class Pajamas and slippers
Pajamas and Slippers, ANA The Suite
ANA The Suite First Class Amenity Kit
Amenity Kit, ANA The Suite


The IFE had a very good selection. I relaxed and watched Joker on the large 46 inch 4K video screen.  The Sony headphones were comfortable and great at noise-canceling.

Sony Headphones, ANA The Suite


The Verdict
I loved this product: the seat was extremely comfortable, and the compartment, while not overly large, was perfectly appointed for my use, and luxurious. The food was generally excellent, as was the service.

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