Qatar Airways Qsuites 777 Review Doha to LAX

Qatar Airways Qsuites 777 Review Doha to LAX

This Qatar Airways Qsuites 777 Review is from a 2019 flight with my son from Doha to LAX.  We had an early morning departure, after overnighting at the Oryx Airport Hotel Doha located airside, and our seats were 3E and 3F.  There is no first class on this 16-hour flight, but you don’t really need it.

Qatar Qsuites Business Class Cabin

In Qsuites there are two compartments: the first is 6 rows with a 1-2-1 configuration, and the second is 4 rows with the same configuration.  After boarding, I was asked for my choice of beverage, and requested a cappuccino.  I was then asked whether I wanted a cold or warm towel, or any newspapers. 

Qatar Qsuites Business Class Seat Map, 777-300ER
Qatar Qsuites 777-300ER, Image courtesy of SeatGuru

There's a privacy divider between these seats, it must be lowered for take-off and landing. My cappuccino came out quickly with chocolate sprinkled on top, and was delicious. These little amenities can really make a difference, especially in light of the fact that our flight was delayed due to the extensive US security performed at Doha.

Qatar Qsuites Review 777: Privacy Divider
Seat 3E and Privacy Divider, Qatar Airways Qsuites

My son instantly settled in to playing video games on the inflight entertainment console, even prior to takeoff. Since long flights are the only times he's allowed to play any video games, he lost no time in getting started.

Qatar Qsuites Review 777: Seat 3F

Qatar Qsuites Seat
The seats are wide and comfortable. The seat is nicely padded, but not contoured. I found the seat to be just as comfortable as any first-class product, albeit of course narrower.

Qatar Qsuites Seat Review, 777
Qatar Qsuites Seat 3E

There was a useful reading light above and to my right, along with a coat hook.

Qatar Qsuites Review 777: Reading Light and Coat Hook
Qatar Qsuites Reading Light

The seat controls, which are arranged around the counter space, within easy reach, are very intuitive and easy-to-use.

Qatar Qsuites Review 777: Seat Controls

There is ample space in front of the seat, and a footrest below the IFE screen, which forms part of the flat bed. I also really liked that there was a handy little table and storage area adjacent to the IFE console, for placement of menus, or personal items. 

Qatar Qsuites 777 Review: IFE Screen and Footrest / Ottoman
Qatar Qsuites 777: IFE Screen, Tray Table Underneath It
Qatar Qsuites 777 Review: Ottoman / Footrest
Qatar Qsuites 777: Ottoman / Footrest
Qatar Qsuites Leg Room

And there is a little storage space immediately to the side of the seat, which comes equipped with a bottle of water. This storage space can be raised easily, and then can serve as a welcome armrest.

Storage Area, Qatar QSuites Business Class Review

Qsuites Service
Overall, the service was just as I like it: very attentive, but not intrusive. The flight attendants were extremely helpful: they helped put down the privacy divider between my son and me, they helped move and store the tray table, and nicely asked if we would like to be awoken for a meal. And as in first class, they were very attentive in terms of refilling my wine glass.

Qsuites Menu and Food
For this 16-hour flight, dining was on demand, and anything from the menu could be ordered at any time, which is much more like first-class than business-class. Unfortunately, the food quality was middling.

Qatar Qsuites Breakfast Menu, Doha to U.S.
Qatar Qsuites Breakfast Menu, Doha to U.S.
Qatar Qsuites Menu: Light Options

Qatar Qsuites Menu, Doha to U.S.
Qatar Qsuites Main Courses, Doha to U.S.

The pastries were only so-so. The yogurt and granola bowl, and omelet with potatoes and chicken sausage were likewise mediocre.

For lunch, I ordered chiken tikka masala. The amuse bouche was a bit of salmon with tomatoes, which was refreshing.

Qatar Qsuites Review: Chicken Tikka Masala
Qatar Qsuites: Chicken Tikka Masala

The Arabic mezze was very good, and the bread was deliciously soft.
Unfortunately, the chicken in the tikka masala was overcooked and quite tough.

Qatar Qsuites Review: Arabic Mezze
Qatar Qsuites: Arabic Mezze

On the other hand, the cheese plate was delicious.

Qatar Qsuites Flat Bed and Amenities
The seat becomes a lengthy flat bed, with just adequate width. The quilted mattress pad is unusual for business class, but still rather thin, so I brought along my orange inflatable mattress. Even with that, the flatbed harder than I prefer. Overall, however, the space is quite well designed, considering this is not first class. I never like it, however, when my feet are confined to a little, tight compartment, which is the case due to the tray table. Each time I attempted to change position, I ended up bumping my legs or feet.

Qatar Qsuites Review: Bed After Turndown Service

The compartment-style seat design affords a luxurious sense of privacy, as the sliding panels effectively shut out the outside world if you would like to get some sleep.

Qatar Qsuites Review: Closing Suite Doors
Closing Suite Doors, Qatar Qsuites

The IFE was fine, and worked well with the handset. And the selection was really good.

Qatar Qsuites Review: Oryx One Noise Cancelling Headphones

The Verdict
I really enjoyed Qatar Qsuites. This is far and away the best business class product. The seat is nearly as comfortable as first-class (if a bit too narrow) in the seated position, and the IFE and service were top-notch. The food quality could have been more consistently good. But overall, this is a lovely and luxurious long-haul way to travel.

Here's my wife's Qatar Airways Qsuites YouTube Video Review, from her Doha to Houston IAH flight, also in 2019:

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