Review: Qatar QSuites A350 Maldives to Doha

Review: Qatar QSuites A350 Maldives to Doha

This Qatar QSuites A350-900 Review from the Maldives to Doha is my husband's trip report. He flew this flight with our son a day after I departed, since there were just two award seats on this flight.

I was happy to be able to reserve Qatar QSuites, with flat beds for them, since QR 675 is an evening flight that for their March date, departed MLE 8:20pm, and arrived DOH 11:30pm. It's a 5 hour flight, but there's a 2 hour time difference between the Maldives and Qatar, so it was equivalent to arriving at 1:30am in the morning Maldives time.

Qatar QSuites A350-900 Cabin and Best Seats

Qatar's A350-900 has 36 business class seats in a 1-2-1 configuration across 9 rows, 6 rows in the forward cabin, and 3 rows in the second cabin behind it.

I'd recommend avoiding row 1, which is near the galley and lavatories, and row 6, the last row of the first cabin, as it's also near the galley dividing the two cabins.

Odd numbered rows are rear facing, which can be a con to some passengers, but on the other hand, the odd numbered window seats such as 3A, 3K, 5A, 5K, 7A, 7K, 9A and 9K are most private as they're closest to the window, as opposed to even row window seats, which are situated right by the aisle.

Qatar QSuites A350-900 Seat Map
Qatar Qsuites A350-900 Seat Map, Image courtesy of SeatGuru

Qatar Q Suites Seat

I should note that while we were in rear facing seats 9E and 9F, these weren't our original seats. My wife had in fact chosen better seats for us, 5A and 7A, but one of the flight crew asked me if I wanted to sit next to my son, so we ended up in 9E and 9F. 

The Q Suites cabin on this flight was only about half full (which indicates that Qatar is willing to fly with empty business class seats, as my wife was unable to get an award seat even though she continued to monitor availability). Because of the evening flight, I chose the complimentary mint welcome drink over the champagne.

Mint Welcome Drink, Qatar QSuites Review

My son instantly settled in to playing video games on the inflight entertainment console, even prior to takeoff.

Qatar QSuites A350 Review, Seat 9F

The seats are relatively wide, at 21.5 inches, and fairly comfortable although quite firm.  In particular, I liked that the seat was not contoured, so my larger frame still fit comfortably.

Review: Qatar QSuites A350 Maldives to Doha

I also liked that there was a handy little table and storage area adjacent to the IFE console, for placement of menus, or personal items.   

Review-QSuites Business Class

And there is a little storage space immediately to the side of the seat, which comes equipped with a bottle of water.   

Armest Storage Space, Qatar QSuites Review, A350-900

Facing the seats is a little ottoman, nestled beneath the IFE console.

Qatar QSuites A350 Review, Ottoman

Q Suites Menu and Food

Because the flight was a relatively short, overnight flight, there were only a la carte offerings from the menu.

Qatar QSuites Menu, Maldives to Doha

First I ordered a selection of artisan breads, which were fresh and flavorful.  

Qatar QSuites Review, A350-900: Bread Basket

Next was an excellent tomato and basil soup, which was really good, creamy and slightly spicy.  

Tomato Basil Soup, Qatar QSuites Review

The appetizer of herb marinated fish with cucumber and feta cheese was also very tasty.  

Qatar QSuites Review, Fish Appetizer, Maldives-Doha

But the main course of chicken escalope with black olive mash and grilled courgettes was just mediocre.    

Qatar QSuites  Review: Chicken Escalope A350

Qatar Q Suites Flat Bed

The seat becomes a lengthy flatbed, with just adequate width.  Unlike Japan Airlines, there is no extra layer of cushioning in the form of a mattress pad, so I brought along my orange inflatable mattress.  But even with that, the flatbed was still rather hard. But overall, the space is pretty good, considering this is not first class.  But I never like it when my feet are confined to a little, tight compartment space.

We had the blanket and pillow at each seat, and since it was a relatively short flight of 5 hours, there was no extra pillow case or quilted mattress pad provided as there were on our DOH-LAX QSuites flight, which I'll review next.    

Qatar QSuites A350-900 Flat Bed Review

The IFE was fine, and worked well with the handset.  And the film selection was really good.

Qatar QSuites Review: Oryx One IFE

Prior to landing, a small box of Godiva chocolate is provided.

The Verdict

For what it is, I really enjoyed Qatar QSuites.  In general, the service, cuisine, film selection and seat (including flat bed), were all fine. They're clearly not the same as first class (which Qatar flies only on its A380s, to several European destinations, plus Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Bangkok), and due to the short flight there were a few things missing from this flight compared to our subsequent Doha to LAX flight. But of the business class flights I've flown, Qatar QSuites is better than virtually of them.

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