NYC: Kids Must Be Vaccinated for Restaurants, Museums, Entertainment

NYC: Kids Must Be Vaccinated for Restaurants, Museums, Entertainment


NYC Requires Kids to Be Vaccinated Starting Today, 12/27/21, to dine indoors or enjoy museums, concerts, and other indoor entertainment venues. Previously, the Key to NYC vaccination mandate, which took effect 8/16/21, applied to adult staff and guests but not children. Here are the rules, so families with kids know what to expect:

Who: As of 12/27/21, everyone age 12 and older must provide proof of full vaccination (at least two doses of a two-dose vaccine such as Pfizer or Moderna, or one dose of the Janssen/Johnson & Johnson vaccine, to enter the venues below. From 12/27/21-1/28/22, children ages 5-11 must provide proof of at least one dose of vaccine. As of 1/29/22, children ages 5-11 must also show proof of two doses of the Pfizer vaccine, which is the only one approved for kids of that age. The requirement applies to everyone of these ages for the NYC venues below, regardless of where one's permanent residence is.

Which NYC Venues:

  • Indoor dining in restaurants, bars, cafes, and cafeterias, including those in hotels, grocery stores, universities, and shopping malls
  • Broadway theaters and other performing arts venues
  • Bowling alleys, arcades, billiard halls
  • Convention centers
  • Indoor stadiums
  • Gyms and Fitness Centers
  • Movie theaters
  • Museums
  • Aquariums and indoor areas of zoos
  • Music venues / concert halls
  • Indoor play areas


NYC is in the midst of an Omicron surge. In the week ending 12/19/21, new COVID-19 cases were 68 per 100K for fully vaccinated, vs. 280 per 100K for unvaccinated.

Fortunately hospitalizations remain low for fully vaccinated New Yorkers. In the week ending 12/19/21, hospitalizations were at a daily rate of 1.33 per 100,000 for fully vaccinated, vs. 16.25 per 100,000 for unvaccinated. This stark dichotomy is also visible in the chart below of daily hospital admissions over time by vaccination status; the blue line, which started climbing in November, is for the unvaccinated; the red line, which shows a very slight increase from November, is for the fully vaccinated.

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