My First Time Using Priority Pass in 2018

Priority Pass Lounge Access from Chase Sapphire Reserve-Concordia Lounge


Priority Pass Select Comes With Our Chase Sapphire Reserve Cards, but today was our first time using the benefit this year. Normally we have lounge access anyway by flying on a first class or business class award ticket, or more rarely using my AMEX Platinum for a Centurion Lounge. But today, with 5 hours in Lombok between flights (with our outbound flight a short economy flight) and needing to get work done, we made good use of our Priority Pass Select cards at the Concordia Lounge in Lombok.

This lounge does accept the Priority Pass digital card (not all lounges do) but we had our physical cards and presented those, along with our boarding passes at the reception. I was glad that we had both of our Priority Pass Select cards with us, since I was told that each card admitted two. The Chase Sapphire Reserve Priority Pass Select membership is supposed to admit the cardholder and accompanying travel companions, but rather than try to argue that benefit it made sense to just use our two cards.

Plus, even if I'd forgotten my husband's Priority Pass Select card, he would have been able to buy a pass and been reimbursed by Chase; Chase allows reimbursement for up to two Priority Pass lounge day passes per calendar year.

Priority Pass Review via Chase Sapphire Reserve


In terms of the lounge itself, the Concordia Lounge is a surprisingly modern and new looking lounge for Lombok, with plenty of seating; there were only about 5 people in the entire lounge when we arrived in the late morning.

Priority Pass Review-Concordia Lounge Lombok


There was fruit salad, dry cereal, a hot buffet of chicken curry, eggplant, rice and sambals, various desserts, but very basic drinks: water infused with melon, and hot water for tea and instant coffee.

Priority Pass Review-Concordia Lounge Lombok Curry Chicken


WiFi is a good speed, although there's a shortage of power outlets; about one per 10 seats or so.

The bathrooms are basic but clean (no shower, however) and the more unusual amenities are a smoking room and a separate prayer room. I'll have a video review coming up of the lounge later; subscribe to TravelSort on YouTube to be alerted to it.

What's your favorite Priority Pass Lounge?

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3 years ago

Got my PP with the Chase Sapphire Reserve as well. Now that airline loyalty is pretty much gone the way of the dodo bird, cards like the Priority Pass make it a lot easier to make up for what the airlines no longer seem to want to provide to their passengers.