When do Marriott, SPG and Hyatt Points Expire, and How to Keep Hotel Points From Expiring?

When Do Marriott Points Expire-Keep Hotel Points from Expiring


When do Marriott, SPG, and Hyatt points expire, and how do you keep the points from expiring? The New Marriott Rewards Program may cause some to abandon most Marriott and SPG points earning, at least by credit card. Most of my SPG points have been earned on my SPG Business AMEX, and I'm likely to cancel the card soon, having just paid the annual fee, since AMEX does not prorate the annual fee if you cancel over 30 days from the closing date of the statement where the annual fee is billed (this ended in 2016). Others may take the opposite stance and, if they like what they see with the new Marriott program, cease most Hyatt points earning. But when do hotel points expire, and how do you keep the points from expiring?

Marriott Points and Ritz-Carlton Rewards Points Expiration: After 24 Months Without Activity

Marriott Rewards points and Ritz-Carlton Rewards points expire after 24 months without “qualifying activity.” The only members who are exempt are elites with lifetime status: Lifetime Silver, Lifetime Gold, Lifetime Platinum.

How to Keep Marriott Points or Ritz-Carlton Rewards Points from Expiring

  • Book a paid or award stay at a Marriott or Ritz-Carlton hotel
  • Redeem Marriott or Ritz-Carlton rewards points
  • Earn points with a Marriott Rewards or Ritz-Carlton Rewards credit card
  • Earn Marriott points with a Marriott Rewards partner, such as Hertz or Cruises Only
  • Buy Marriott points

Note that the following activity does NOT count for purposes of keeping your Marriott points from expiring: gifting or transferring Marriott points or receiving points from a gift or transfer; earning points through social media campaigns; transferring Marriott points to accounts in other programs; linking your Marriott Rewards account with other program accounts; receiving status matching.


SPG Points Expiration: After 12 Months Without Activity

It's important to be vigilant with SPG Starpoints, because they expire after 12 months without activity. The only exception is if you have SPG Lifetime elite status, which will be converted to the new Marriott program on August 1, 2018.

How to Keep SPG Starpoints from Expiring

Don't let your Starpoints inadvertently expire, given the value of transferring Starpoints to airline miles:

  • Book an eligible paid stay at a Starwood hotel
  • Book an award stay at a Starwood hotel (this works even if you later cancel it, and get the points refunded to your account)
  • Redeem Starpoints (including airline transfers)
  • Buy food for $10 before tax/gratuity at a Starwood hotel restaurant, and ensure your SPG number is entered (note that this only works at restaurants that have chargeback privileges with the hotel; if the restaurant could not charge the food back to a guest room, it's a 3rd party and won't count for Starpoints earning)
  • Earn Starpoints via an SPG AMEX card
  • Purchase Starpoints
  • Transfer Starpoints to an SPG partner
  • Transfer Starpoints to another member of your household (minimum 1000 points)


Hyatt Points Expiration: After 24 Months Without Activity

As with Marriott points, World of Hyatt points expire after 24 months without any qualifying activity. While your account won't be closed, all the points will be forfeited and can't be reinstated.

How to Keep World of Hyatt Points from Expiring

You can reset the clock and keep Hyatt points from expiring by:

  • Earning points from an eligible Hyatt stay
  • Earning points by dining at a Hyatt hotel restaurant or visiting a Hyatt hotel spa, and providing your World of Hyatt number
  • Earning points via a Hyatt partner such as Avis
  • Redeeming Hyatt points (whether for a hotel stay or a dining or spa credit)
  • Buying Hyatt points
  • Have a valid Hyatt credit card

Note that transferring Hyatt points to someone else's Hyatt account does NOT count, and unlike SPG, redeeming Hyatt points for an award stay and subsequently cancelling the stay does NOT count for purposes of keeping points from expiring.

What are your favorite ways of keeping Marriott Rewards points, Ritz-Carlton Rewards points, SPG points and Hyatt points from expiring?

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