Last Chance: Sign Up Family Members to Buy SPG Points for 35% Off

Last Chance-Buy SPG Points for 35 Percent Off-Redeem for Emirates First Class


Last Chance to Sign Up Family Members for SPG to Buy Starpoints for 35% Off. This is because new SPG accounts must be at least 14 days old to purchase SPG Starpoints, and the sale ends on May 31, 2018.

Why buy SPG Starpoints now? The SPG AMEX is being devalued effective August 1, 2018, making it a poor choice for everyday spending (see New Marriott and SPG Rewards Program: 5 Reasons to Hate It) That makes buying SPG Starpoints with the 35% discount more attractive, since unless you happen to stay in a lot of Starwood properties regularly, it will be harder to efficiently earn SPG Starpoints going forward.

Why sign up family members? You can freely transfer SPG Starpoints to another person sharing the same home address with you, enabling you to consolidate all your Starpoints in one account and more easily redeem for awards. This is helpful, since you can purchase a maximum of 30,000 Starpoints per account per calendar year. Just keep in mind that names need to match on the SPG account and the airline frequent flyer program that you're transferring to, so if your spouse or partner just needs to top up his/her frequent flyer account, you should keep the necessary points there and double check the account names match before doing a transfer.

Last Chance-Buy SPG Starpoints for 35 Percent Off



How Long Does It Take for Purchased Starpoints to Post to My Account?

Terms state that the points will appear within 24 hours, but usually they appear sooner than that, sometimes nearly instantly after logging out and logging back in.


Do SPG Transfers Between Accounts Require the Accounts to Have the Same Household Address?

Yes, they do. Note that the two accounts must have had the same household address for at least 30 days.


How Long do SPG Household Transfers Take?

Generally intra-household SPG transfers take 5-7 days.


Can Bonus Points Be Earned When Purchasing Starpoints?

Only with the SPG AMEX; using the SPG AMEX you'll earn 2X points per dollar spent. All other cards earn one mile or point per dollar, because the purchase is processed by, so no travel or airline category bonus applies.


What Are Good Uses of SPG Starpoints?

The highest value uses are transfers to frequent flyer programs to reserve international first class awards, such as JAL Mileage Bank to book Emirates First Class, Virgin Atlantic to book ANA First Class, Lufthansa Miles & More to book Lufthansa First Class, American AAdvantage to book Etihad First Apartment, JAL First Class, Cathay Pacific First Class, etc.

Are you buying SPG Starpoints at 35% Off?

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