Updated: JetBlue Will Fly to London Heathrow and Gatwick

JetBlue Will Fly to London Heathrow and London Gatwick


3/27/21 Update: JetBlue has obtained 270 total London Heathrow LHR slots for summer 2021, starting August 2, 2021 and going through late October 2021. 180 will go to New York JFK-LHR flights, and 90 will go to Boston-LHR flights. JetBlue will operate out of LHR Terminal 2. As reported earlier on 3/22/21, JetBlue will also fly into London Gatwick.

According to the Airport Coordination Limited (ACL) Report, which manages Heathrow slots, as of 8/2/21, JetBlue has 14 weekly slots; as of 9/13/21 JetBlue has a total of 22 weekly slots; and as of 9/20/21, B6 has a total of 28 weekly slots.

Since 14 weekly slots are required to operate 7 flights a week (1 slot for arrival, 1 for return) JetBlue could operate daily service into LHR, which is likely to be the JFK-LHR route. As of 9/13 JetBlue could add 4 BOS-LHR flights a week.

Original 3/22/21 Post:

JetBlue Will Start Flying to London Heathrow and London Gatwick in late summer 2021 with A321LR aircraft, featuring New JetBlue Mint Suite and Mint Studio. Previously it was assumed that JetBlue would fly to London Gatwick but not London Heathrow, since even though JetBlue requested 48 weekly slot pairs at LHR, it was denied all of them in late 2020 (JetBlue was granted 14 of the 28 weekly slot pairs it request at London Gatwick LGW).

But recently aviation geek Ishrion Aviation noticed London Heathrow listed as a destination on JetBlue's mobile app (it's since been removed).

JetBlue Will Fly to London Heathrow LHR


And @lines_aviation found that London Heathrow listed B6 (JetBlue) as flying JFK-LHR into Terminal 2, although likewise, it has since been scrubbed from the London Heathrow site.

JetBlue Will Fly to London Heathrow LHR


Today TravelSort learned that JetBlue will fly to both London Heathrow LHR and London Gatwick LGW, although since negotiations for the Heathrow slots are still underway, the exact route times can't be confirmed. We were told that JetBlue hopes to announce the London Heathrow routes in mid-April 2021.

Pre-pandemic, London Heathrow routes were extremely expensive to acquire. Even during much of the pandemic, until recently, it's been tough for aspiring new entrants as Heathrow and other airports granted airlines a reprieve on their usual “use it or lose it” stance for airport slots, given the overall reduced demand and closed borders.

For both business and leisure travelers seeking to fly JetBlue's newest Mint Suite or Mint Studio into London, it's good news indeed that JetBlue plans to fly to both LHR and LGW.

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