Hyatt, British Airways Cards Now Subject to Chase 5/24 Rule

Hyatt-British-Airways-Visa-Chase-5-24 Rule


Bad News: The Chase 5/24 Rule Now Appears to Apply to the Hyatt and British Airways Visas, and possible other Chase cards as well, such as the Iberia, Aer Lingus and IHG cards. This has only been in the past couple days, with most reports yesterday, November 14, or today, November 15, and a few from November 13.

Is it possible that applicants are being declined for too many hard credit pulls (which can result in a denial, even with cards not subject to the 5/24 rule), and that there hasn't been a change in these cards now falling under Chase 5/24? Yes, it's possible. But I haven't seen any reports of an application made yesterday or today that resulted in an approval, for someone over 5/24, as used to be the case. There are some approvals that have come in yesterday or today of applications made earlier, but since applications are processed based on the rules in effect at the time of the application, these approvals aren't relevant for figuring out whether the Chase 5/24 rule went into effect November 13 or 14, for applications first submitted those days.

Data points have been accumulating on this Reddit thread, for example:

Hyatt Visa

11/15: “20 minutes ago I applied [for the Hyatt card], didnt get immediately approved, called the recon line asap. Spoke with a live rep. He rvw’d my account. Said that i had too many card in the last 48 months. 6/24 [dakotam95]

11/14: “Applied this afternoon for Hyatt. Over 5/24. Went pending. Called in this evening. Denied. Reason stated was too many cards in the last two years.” [mwwalk, applied via a Hyatt referral link]

11/14 “I applied today and was declined but i have 19 cards in the past 24 months…” [caseyrobinson2]

11/13-11/14 “Per request I called recon again to clarify my denial reason. (Also posted in DD.) Rep was so nice and tried to resubmit the application but it came back again with a hard decline for too many accounts within the past 24 months.” [enginerd808]

British Airways Visa

11/14 “Looks like 5/24 is now in affect for British Airways Visa too: Just applied and was denied to due to too many accounts in the past 24 months…I got a pending message after applying, and then when i called in to the automated line got the 7-10 day message. Spoke with recon, who said i was denied due to too many accounts in the past 24 months” [DaDarkSide87]

11/14 “Denied from ba card app. It went 7 to 10 days and called recon, she said too many cards in 24 months Edited : 18/24” [kevyx72]

11/13 “Denied BA, applied on Tuesday. lol/24” [twoforme_noneforyou]


Fortunately, Chase Ultimate Rewards transfer both to Hyatt and to British Airways Avios, and AMEX Membership Rewards points also transfer to British Airways Avios, so it's not that hard to earn these points, especially with category bonuses of 3X-5X. But it does mean that Chase signup bonuses for new cards are becoming increasingly endangered, for those who have applied for credit cards 5 or more times in the past 24 months.

If you've applied for a Chase Hyatt, British Airways, Iberia or Aer Lingus card November 13, 2018 or later, were you approved or not?

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