How to Help Ukraine

How to Help Ukraine


The current war in Ukraine is terrible for all involved–there are no winners (apart from weapons manufacturers) in a war like this. We've sought to donate to immediate as well as long-term needs, and wanted to share some of the organizations active in Ukraine with readers who also want to help.

Ukrainian Red Cross

The Ukrainian Red Cross has teams on the ground in Ukraine, helping with the current crisis, including shelters for people who have had to evacuate, food and necessities, first aid kits, and volunteer efforts. Donate to the Ukrainian Red Cross.


Razom for Ukraine Emergency Response

Razom, which means together in Ukrainian, has an emergency response fund that is working to safely deliver needed life-saving supplies to Ukraine. Their first shipment is en route right now and is expected to reach Ukraine tomorrow. Per the Web site: “funds will be used to purchase the supplies such as tourniquets bandages, combat gauzes, sterile pads, and satellite phones. We are working to collaborate with large US nonprofits that provide medical supplies to countries in crisis.  On the logistics side, we are arranging for warehouses and points of delivery in Poland and Ukraine.” Donations to Razom are fully tax deductible to U.S. donors, as it's a U.S. non-profit.


Anhelyk / Hromada

Anhelyk (which means angel in Ukrainian) helps children who have lost a parent to the war with Russia. Until now, this has been primarily in Eastern Ukraine, although with the current crisis unfortunately many more children throughout Ukraine are likely to be affected. There are no overhead or administrative expenses, so 100% of your donation goes to help these children. Donate to Anhelyk/Hromada (all donations are tax deductible, since Hromada, which means community in Ukrainian, is a registered non-profit), or if you're based in the U.S. and have a charitable giving account, search for Hromada and donate there.


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