Tired of the Pandemic? Donate to Help End Vaccine Inequity

Tired of the Pandemic? Donate to Help End Vaccine Inequity


Tired of the Pandemic? Consider Donating to Go Give One to Help End Vaccine Inequity.

By this point, a year after the COVID-19 vaccine was administered in the U.S., most people are aware of the stark differences in vaccination coverage in wealthy countries, which have accounted for ~80 percent of vaccine doses, vs. low income countries, which by one metric have received only 0.8 percent of vaccines. 77 percent of Japan's population has received two doses of vaccine and 61 percent of Americans have been fully vaccinated, while in Africa, only ~10 percent of the population has received a single vaccine dose.

Compounding the problem is that while wealthy countries have promised to donate 1.8 billion vaccine doses to poorer nations, only 14 percent of them have actually arrived. The U.S. has pledged 1.1 billion doses, but has only delivered ~180 million doses, about 16 percent of what's been promised.

COVAX, the initiative that buys vaccines and distributes them to low-income countries, only has enough vaccines and funds to reach 20 percent global coverage, which is nowhere near enough to help end the global pandemic. That's where individual donors like us come in. $5 buys a single vaccine dose, and Go Give One has secured a $1 million match from the ELMA Foundation, doubling each donation's impact. A number of companies, such as Salesforce and Facebook, have also agreed to match their employees' contributions.

Donate to Go Give One to Help End Vaccine Inequity


So while doing some holiday gifting, consider giving the gift of vaccine protection against serious illness and death to some of the people who need it most.

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