How to Claim Missing Airline Miles Without a Boarding Pass

How to Claim Missing Miles Without a Boarding Pass

Can You Claim Missing Airline Miles Without a Boarding Pass? It's best practice is to always save your boarding pass from a paid flight, in case the frequent flyer miles don't post to your account. That said, sometimes boarding passes get misplaced or inadvertently discarded. In many cases, although not all, you'll still be able to receive mileage credit. It's critical in most cases to have both your ticket number and sometimes, the fare code.

Recently, I discovered that miles from our Hawaiian Airlines First Class flights didn't post to Korean Air SkyPass–only the paltry number of miles from our inter-island flights had. Fortunately, even without our boarding passes, I was able to get the miles posted to our accounts within a few days of making the request.

Here are the relevant details for not only Korean Air, but some of the main frequent flyer programs U.S. travelers credit miles to:

Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan

For Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan, go to the Mileage Credit Request page and enter your name, e-ticket number, Mileage Plan number and e-ticket number, along with your email address. You'll be prompted to upload a ticket receipt and boarding pass as well.

  • You must claim missing miles within 11 months of the flight date
  • Before submitting a request, allow 7 days for miles from Alaska Airlines flights to post, and 14 days if the flight was on a partner airline
  • While a boarding pass is requested, if you no longer have it, you can call Mileage Plan and ask for miles to be credited.

American Airlines AAdvantage Miles

Note that to earn AAdvantage miles for partner flights, the fare code must be listed on the mileage accrual page on the AAdvantage site. Go to the AAdvantage Partner Airlines page and select the relevant airline. For example, for Cathay Pacific, the cheapest Economy fare codes (K, M, L, V, Q, S, G, N) do not earn any AAdvantage miles, so don't bother submitting a missing mileage request unless you're certain your flight should have earned miles.

If you've verified your flight should have earned AAdvantage miles, go to the AAdvantage Request Flight Miles page to file your missing mileage claim.

  • May only request missing mileage credit for flights flown within the past 12 months
  • Must provide your AAdvantage number and ticket number

British Airways Avios

You'll need to log into your Executive Club Account to Claim Missing Avios points and Tier Points.

  • You must submit your request within 6 months of your flight, and the flight must have been taken no more than 3 months prior to your joining the Executive Club
  • You must have your ticket number to file a claim

Delta Airlines SkyMiles

Go to Delta's Request Mileage Credit page to claim missing Delta SkyMiles from a flight.

  • You must submit your missing miles request within 9 months of the flight date, and flights must have been taken no more than 9 months prior to your enrollment in SkyMiles
  • Miles from Delta operated flights typically post within 24 hours, but partner flights may take up to 7 days for miles to post.
  • You'll need your Delta SkyMiles number and your ticket number

JetBlue TrueBlue

For JetBlue TrueBlue, log into your TrueBlue account and go to the Request Points page.

  • Must request mileage credit within 12 months of your flight date
  • You'll need to add the flight segment details, including the airline, departure date, ticket number, origin and destination, and flight number; you're also asked to upload a copy of your boarding pass or itinerary.

Korean Airlines

For Korean Air SkyPass, go to the Mileage Claim page, where you'll start by entering in the airline, flight number, and flight date. You'll then be taken to a screen where you have to enter in your fare code, origin, destination, ticket number, and even upload a scan of your boarding pass and also of your e-ticket.

If you don't have a boarding pass, as we didn't, try to get a receipt from the airline that shows you flew the flight. For example, since we were on Hawaiian Airlines flights, we went to the Hawaiian Air Web site, and under “Manage Flights” is a link to “My Receipts.” By entering in your e-ticket number and last name, you can pull up a screen that shows your flight was flown.

  • You must claim missing miles within 1 year of the boarding date. Flights that are flown prior to enrollment in SkyPass are NOT eligible for mileage.
  • As noted above, you'll need not only your e-ticket number and fare code for the flight, but also scans of your e-ticket and either boarding pass or a receipt showing you flew on the flight

United Airlines

To request missing United MileagePlus mileage credit for a flight, log into your MileagePlus account and go to the United Mileage Credit page. You'll need to provide the ticket number for the flight

  • You must claim missing miles within 12 months of the date of the flight.
  • United ticket numbers normally begin with 016

Have you ever had to claim missing mileage credit without a boarding pass?

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